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We would like to remind all our members that we upload every week a gist of environment related news that appear in popular newspapers.   Please go to our link to read the latest weekly report and the archives.


World Wetlands Day was celebrated on 2nd February 2017.  Many of our members must have renewed their pledges to save wetlands which are a natural safeguard against disasters.   We have uploaded an educational film on wetlands in IndianWildlifeClub you tube channel. 

Try and watch it on a desktop or laptop so that the annotations are also visible. Would like to hear comments on the video from our members.  

After a long gap we plan to have an online chat on 19th February 2017.  The topic"Dragonflies and Damselflies", which incidentally abound near wetlands.  How much do we know about them and their roles in keeping the environment clean and healthy?  Do participate in the chat on 19th by clicking on the link

Keep sending in your articles on wildlife related issues.  Limit it to about 1000 words or so with up to five photos to illustrate!

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