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Environmental sustainability will be everyone's concern, if each one of us discovers our own personal reason to be concerned about it.

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Grey Pelican { Pelicanus philippensis }

When the Pelicans arrive at a lake they all land in a semicircle and they seem to hunt fish co-operatively. They all start swimming in a semicircle and close in to a shallow bank, driving the fish towards shallow waters and scoop them up with their beaks, their beak pouches acting as fishing net.   It is really nice to watch pelicans buoyantly floating in the water with a stiff neck with apparently no signs of movement, seriously driving the fish towards shallow waters, to finally scoop them up with their enormous beaks.  

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We already have the Information Needed

The information needed to protect and enhance the environment is and has been available. The only thing that has not changed is, as you say, the greed and short-sightedness. It is a wonder why the "newly industrialized" countries are not starting from the enhanced ideas on environmental protection. But then, they are neither too concerned about the safety of the workers. Cheap labour and "throw-away" human resources a plenti...

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