Stamp of The Day

Postage stamps issued with pictures of wildlife/nature become Collector's items. In our routine brush with postage stamps most of us, unless we are ardent stamp collectors, miss these colourful stamps. brings you a feature wherein we examine each day a special stamp issued by the Department of Posts to commemorate an endangered species or to celebrate a beautiful natural heritage.

Four species of endangered Indian birds were featured in stamps issued on 5th October 2006.

Large scale transformation of landscapes, the leveling of forests, the filling up of swamps and marshes have left many creatures with literally no room to live or breathe in. Pesticides and insecticides have contributed to the decimation of small animals while also affecting their ability to breed.

The bird featured above is the Manipur Bush-Quail, “Perdicula manipurensis”

It inhabits tall grassland and feeds in groups in the open, on grass seeds, wild lentils, and insects.Once endemic to the wet grasslands of north east India, there has been no confirmed sighting of the bird since 1935.

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