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Dr Dakshinkar repaying society’s debt to animals (November Week #4 (2014))
NAGPUR: Though wildlife is a small part of the veterinary curriculum, Dr NP Dakshinkar, who heads clinics at the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex & Nagpur Veterinary College, is an exception when it comes to treating large carnivores like leopards
and tigers.

His dedication can be gauged from the fact that just a day after undergoing angioplasty in November 2008, he treated the tigress Jui, who had been rescued from Chandrapur and brought to Maharajbagh. Braving ill health, he reached the zoo to treat Jui and
suggested a blood transfusion. This was perhaps the first case of blood transfusion among tigers, done under the guidance of Dr Dakshinkar.

Green activists seek immediate stop to de-silting of old Patiala lake (November Week #4 (2014))
PATIALA: As de-silting of historical Rajindera Lake in Patiala city has thrown up several surprises, including a rare species of soft shell turtle, ecology lovers and green activists have demanded that the process be immediately stopped, so as to preserve
flora and fauna of the water body.

Apart from a soft shell turtle, which was accidently recovered by municipal workers while cleaning the lake and classified as "one among the rare species" by wildlife experts, several varieties of snakes, bales of young turtles and precious parts were
reportedly recovered from the lakebed.

From making eco-friendly idols to collecting garbage, children do it all (November Week #4 (2014))
For almost a decade Vinodini Lulla and her team, through the Children’s Movement of Civic Awareness (CMCA), a not-for-profit, has been going to schools across Mumbai with the aim of transforming young students into responsible citizens.

Lulla moved from Bangalore to Mumbai in 2004 to start CMCA’s Mumbai chapter. “Our main aim is to not only spread environmental awareness, but also to train young individuals to further educate people,” said Lulla

Shahdara green drive set to roll (November Week #4 (2014))
Noida Authority has decided to turn the area along the Shahdara drain into a green zone and will plant nearly 7,000 aromatic trees on both sides of the 4km stretch to mask the stink and toxic fumes emanating from the drain.

The Authority has invited consultants for the project and will finalize the bids on November 28. Officials said the plantation drive will start from sectors 14A and 15A located on one side of the drain and sectors 16A to 38A on the other. The appointed
consultant will be responsible for the upkeep of the plantation for two years.

Railways to Go Green; Water Audit on Cards (November Week #4 (2014)) The Ministry of Railways is in the process of going green with Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu ordering a slew of measures from water audit to harnessing wind energy along tracks, besides setting up an Environment Directorate to facilitate the increased use
of solar energy. The minister had issued the directives in this regard after returning from the G-20 Summit in Australia on Monday
UN Climate Change panel calls for phasing out fossil fuels (Issue of the week, November Week #2 (2014))
Emissions may need to drop to zero by the end of this century for the world to have a decent chance of keeping the temperature rise below a level that many consider dangerous.

Chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) R. K. Pachauri on Sunday launching the Panel’s Synthesis Report in Copenhagen, said, “There is no room for complacency.” He suggested that India’s National action plan on climate change
needs to be revisited in the light of this report. If the rise in global temperatures has to be kept under 2 degrees Celsius, fossil fuels would have to be phased out by the end of this century, he added


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