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Animal adoption draws more support (Novemberweek#3 (2015))
Animal adoption draws more support []

LUDHIANA: Ludhianvis have started showing their compassion towards animals as more and more people are coming forward to adopt zoo creatures.

A day after a businessman from Model Town Amit Thamman approached the zoo authorities to adopt a deer, another businessman from Madhopuri, Vinay Malhotra, has expressed his wish to adopt one black buck and one barking deer.

Not enough food, nests, crows vanish from Bengaluru (Novemberweek#3 (2015))
Not enough food, nests, crows vanish from Bengaluru []

The population of crows in the City has come down by almost 60 per cent over the years, according to ornithologists and birdwatchers.

After the decline in sparrow population, this comes as a shock for Bengalureans and ornithologists, says Manjunath Prabhakar, a birdwatcher. “The huge tree near Gayathri Vihar on Palace Road used to be abuzz with cawing crows. At any given point in time,
one could easily spot at least 80 nests. But now, especially in the past two years, I have not seen many nests. Instead, many dead crows are sighted on the City roads,” he said.

Solar power: make hay while the sun shines (Novemberweek#3 (2015))
Solar power: make hay while the sun shines []

Of late, we have seen some intriguing discussions on the rationale and viability of the proposed five-fold increase in targeted installed solar power capacity from 20 GW to 100 GW by 2022. To achieve the targeted capacity, it is imperative that an environment
is cultivated which induces confidence in investors to invest in this sunrise sector. This necessitates development of a prudent policy framework, which is ably supported by regulatory commitments with respect to honouring all the contractual agreements.

World’s biggest clone factory raises fears in China (Novemberweek#3 (2015))
World’s biggest clone factory raises fears in China []

Beijing: The world’s largest animal cloning factory is under construction in China, with plans to to churn out dogs, horses and up to a million beef cattle a year, reports said, prompting online fears Tuesday. 

How each of us can help clean the air in Delhi (Novemberweek#3 (2015))
How each of us can help clean the air in Delhi []

The Centre, the civic agencies and the AAP government in Delhi rarely converge. But for the cause of a cleaner Capital, CM Arvind Kejriwal and city’s three mayors came together. Last Monday, they launched the Swachh Delhi app for citizens to click and
upload photos of garbage heaps so that authorities could clear such dumps in a weeklong cleanliness initiative.

PM Modi's 7-point agenda on climate change that he proposed at G20 (Issue of the week, November Week #5 (2015))

PM Modi's 7-point agenda on climate change that he proposed at G20 meet[]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday proposed a 7-point agenda on climate change during the G20 Summit being held in Turkish city of Antalya.

Here are the 7 points provided by PM Modi:

i. At G20,we can play an effective role in supporting the multilateral goals of increasing research and development to develop affordable renewable energy.

ii. We should also ensure that finace and technology is available to meet the universal global aspiration for clean energy.

iii. We must meet the target of US$ 100 billion goal per year by 2020.

iv. G20 counties should increase the share of traffic on public transportation in cities by 30 per cent by 2030.

v. We should shift from "carbon credit" towards "green credit".

vi. When we speak of targets, we must not only reduce the use of fossil fuel, but also moderate our life style.

vii. Development in harmony with nature is the goal of my proposal to launch along

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