Why You Should Book a Taxi from Udaipur to Jodhpur

Posted by Udaipur Rides on May 25, 2018

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Most of the times, people find buses and trains are safer and wouldn’t consider booking a taxi. But, do you know the safest and secure form of travelling is a Taxi/cab.

You can easily book a Taxi and enjoy your ride, and explore more from the places you are travelling.

Udaipur and Jodhpur are two most beautiful and royal cities of India. If you are travelling between these cities, you MUST hire a Cab or Book a Udaipur to Jodhpur taxi. It is surely going to be a gorgeous drive.

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same day Agra tour 

Posted by ankur on May 17, 2018

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Agra could be a stunning town to go to in Asian country. It’s a perfect and one amongst the foremost engaging destination. It’s preferred amongst Indians & Foreigners. Taj Mahal is a famous Indian landmark and tourist magnet, attracting more than a million tourists every year. Taj Mahal is the most famous heritage monument and included seven wonders of the world. Same Day Agra Tour  gives you an opportunity to visit this wonderful Monument. 


Most Memorable Places to See in Udaipur

Posted by rsrajawat on May 17, 2018

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Udaipur is also called "City of Lakes", Udaipur is located in the southern part of Rajasthan state, which is near the Gujarat border. It is surrounded by the Aravali range, which separates it from Thar Desert. Udaipur is well connected to the surrounding towns and states through the road, rail and air transport facilities including the Maharana Pratap Airport. Udaipur is spread over 200 square km and stands as the sixth largest city in Rajasthan,  Udaipur Tour Packages

Udaipur is situated around the water lakes and surrounded by the green hills of the Aravallis. Located in the middle of Lake Pichola, the famous Lake Palace is one of the most beautiful places of Udaipur. Fantastic palaces, temples, mansion and countless narrow, crooked, timeless roads combine human reflection to the natural attraction of the city.

1. Lake Garden Palace

The lake garden of Jagannar is probably an inspiration for the Taj Mahal, if the legends are believed. This place has a vast history, and is considered a symbol of friendship between Rajputs and Mughals. A stream of elegant structures looks palatable to this palace, and this palace will impress any tourist who steps up!

2. Lake Palace

This is a symbol of tourism in Udaipur, and it is also a popular wedding hotspot. Javan Niwas or Lake Mahal is a kind of miracle due to its architecture. This palace is located on the island of Jag Residence in Pichola Lake, and it was built in the year 1746. It was then turned into a luxury hotel, and now Taj is a branch of luxury resorts. It is also included in many films. Rajasthan Tour Packages

3. Pichola lake

In Udaipur city, this one man has done miracles. It was built in 1362 and later expanded by Rana Uday Singh in the 16th century. This wonderful lake is surrounded by magnificent palaces, temples, hills and bathing ghats. When you are on one of these lakes, the palace looks absolutely amazing in the evening.

4. The City Palace

Built by the famous Maharana Uday Mirza Singh in 1559, this palace is situated on the banks of Pichola Lake. This castle is a mixture of medieval, European and Chinese architectural styles. It is a house of 11 magnificent temples that were built by different rulers during different periods. The area of ​​the palace is falling with jars, roofs, courtyards, hanging gardens, pavilions and more.

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Camp in Jaisalmer //Desert camp in Jaisalmer - Garh Rajputana camps Jaisalmer

Posted by Garh Rajputana camps jaisalmer on May 15, 2018

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Best Luxury Desert camp in sam sand Dunes Jaisalmer

Garh Rajputana camps jaisalmer 45 km far From Jaisalmer City 

Amidst the sun kissed deserts of Sam sand Dunes Jaisalmer , Garh Rajputana camps embraces you to rejoice in the glories of nature and rejuvenate your every whim. We grab this opportunity to introduce you to the most luxurious  Desert camp  in Jaisalmer, which blooms like a golden mirage, unfolding the romances of the Sam Sand  Dunes Desert.

Our enviable location permits guests to make the most of their visit to Sam sand dunes. We offer unparalleled service and folk splendors which make us a cut above the rest and the number one choice of the tourists.

We have one of the Best Desert safari in Jaisalmer,Rajasthan. This is the one experience you can’t afford miss to when in Sam Sand Desert Jaisalmer. Our Desert safari drivers Camel safari & Jeep safari are experts and professional with a passion to give you a thrilling ride. Begin your sojourn with us and experience love at first sight with the mysticism of the deserts.

The Camp  brings forward all the facilities needed by a modern day traveler. From Swiss tents to Dhani Ac  cottages, name it and we will present it right in front of you.


At Garh Rajputana Camps, the little tidbits are what culminate to make us different, setting the resonance for a memorable stay. Indulge in a true personalized approach to hospitality — with accommodations ostensibly connected to the heartbeat, culture, and energy of the Sam Sand  desert they call home. – A travel experience delineated just for you.

Nestled in a beautiful locale, Garh Rajputana camps takes you to an adventure trip tilling the extravaganza of desert life. It exudes the charisma and charms of the sand dunes and is one of the most alluring  Desert camp in Jaisalmer,Rajasthan

Our camps and accommodations make and comfort our resort a favorite of the travelers. Our professional staffs is proficient in fully satisfying the guests and never give them even an ounce of disappointment. We make you live life king size with a panache by bestowing the bedrooms with Maharaja Style beds and modern bathrooms along with mesmerizing and exotic desert view from the windows. Unwinding on the dunes, one can watch the sun as it tracks its path across the heavens to set and casts an ember nimbus over the horizon of the deserts. for more Details -   Or Contact 09799553648


RideOn Cab Service

Posted by Jitendra Shekhawat on May 04, 2018

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Welcome to RideOn Tour And Travels . It is a friendly travelcompany and love to serve their clients with a team of dedicated professionals,each contributing their optimum expertise to deliver and ensure completesatisfaction of our clients.

 Ourlove and passion towards hospitality service had inspired us to start such atravel company, which must know the clients requirement and their expectation.We believe when you are discovering the new and interesting places what youneed is one who understand your requirement, a specialist who helps you whenyou need it, a person on whom you can trust.

Ourdedicated team is always ready to serve you better and always open to take yoursuggestion for our better improvement. We offer a complete travel managementwhether it is tour or taxi service, in other words everything from planning toexecution. Whether you are a large group demanding custom travel services or anindividual traveler looking for a weekend getaway, you will always receive professional, friendly and reliable service.


We are a team of energeticpeople not just offering cabs but offering comfort on roads. With an approachto offer something different and knowing the changing patterns in growingIndia, we have made ourselves more convenient and flexible in our workings andoperations. RideOn cab service in Jaipur is convenient and available throughoutthe year 24X7 with a promise to provide you Cab service in Jaipur ateasiest convenience. A call away comfort at your door steps offering qualityservices,safety and well being.

 We have professionally trained reliable drivers and afterspecific analysis an devaluation we select car to be a part of our cabs. Alldrivers are appointed after careful examination and evaluation with completedocument and we provide them training to perform unleashed when it comes to ourservices. All these servicesare offered by RideOn Cabs. RideOn Cabs is a nameof trust, utter satisfaction, Value for money, reliability, experience, safety,comfort, well being and expertise in our working domain.


RideOn Cabs is a one stop solutions when you are looking car hirein Jaipur for your needs when you want Jaipur to delhi taxi or when you want to go in and around the city. Justcall us and get your requirements fulfilled.For us, services matters utmost and that is the reason we also welcome all ourusers to get back to us if theyfeel any miss in our services. We offer allkinds of cabs & Taxi service in Jaipur ranging from small cars to luxuryones. Based on your requirements andcomfort, you can select from sedan tocompact and also SUV’s.

Explore the places with us and feel the difference. We trulyhopethat we would get an opportunity to serve you and we assure you to provide withbest of services and never let your expectations and comfort down.

To book a RideOn cab, please contact us: 09269110000


best jaipur taxi services

Posted by prabhu palawat on May 03, 2018

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I can recommend best taxi rental service in jaipur if you planning for rajasthan tour, last year i went there and booked same agency, i got wonderful services. One of the jaipur's fastest car rental company offers car rental services in Jaipur and taxi services in jaipur. We offer jaipur taxi services, India Tour Package, Rajasthan Tour Package, Golden Triangle Tour packages and car hire in jaipur.


The Railways: Accessible Travel for All

Posted by rsrajawat on March 19, 2018

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A multicultural and secular country like India is a sight to behold at times; places like the railway stations exist, where people of all caste and creed intersect and then carry on about their work like nothing really happened. Such a harmonious union is hard to find, and it is possible because of a very affordable public transport system like the Indian Railways.

This is the reason why a flawless concord of people from drastically different lives, come together in places like trains and railway stations. The ticket pricing on such a public transport is meager; in fact, the IR is one of the cheapest public transport systems in the whole world. The government understands that the per-capita income of people in India is very little, so they make sure that prices stay grounded. This results in a considerable part of the populous utilizing the system, the IR ferries over hundreds of millions of passengers each year, and the number keeps on growing.

Technology and the leap to an online presence

A two-step process began in the late 80s, first was to convert all manual ticketing to a computerized one. And then in 1995 after the invention of the World Wide Web, and the rapid growth of the internet, the IR decided to move its ticketing sector online. This was a game-changing step, as its usage and outreach skyrocketed. The once falling stock of the IR was now up and climbing, more and more people found it easy to use and book tickets.

It can be said that in today’s world, online ticketing has reached every nook and cranny in India. Even if one does not have access to computerized ticketing, one can still use the UMANG mobile application for bookings and other inquiries.

What is printed on a ticket?

An Indian Railways ticket has the name, age and the discount (if any) printed on it, along with its price.

Some miscellaneous features of the IR which are still significant are:

•    Season tickets, which allow travelers to make unlimited trips, can be made available on inquiry. Foreign tourists have can purchase an Indrail pass, similar to a Eurail pass for Europe. This pass allows the tourist to travel to unlimited parts of the country for a limited time period

•    The railways offer specific discounts to people like Senior citizens (over the age of 60), the disabled, students, athletes.

•    Some berths in second class, sleeper, and certain other accommodations are reserved only for women.  

The humongous population of India means that it hard to get access to tickets in times of emergency. Sometimes this creates an unwanted problem, so a particular type of ticket called the ‘reservation against cancellation’ gives the passenger a passage to board the train and obtain a seat chosen by the ticket collector.

PNR status check and bookings can be done on the IR website and various other ticketing websites. Cheap rates, excellent service, and unique features are the hallmarks of a great public sector service company like the Indian Railways. It is these features that make it the most used transportation system in the country.       


Know the Advantages of Taxi Booking Services in Udaipur

Posted by Udaipur Taxi Tour on February 27, 2018

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Transportation starting with one area then onto the next is an unavoidable piece of our life. Consistently, regardless of whether it is for office or setting off to a companion's place we need to take a vehicle. Official reasons may likewise be there making us feel the need of driving starting with one place then onto the next. Beyond any doubt each place has a framework for trains and transports; however one may not discover them generally in their understanding. Besides, to appreciate an agreeable trip a few people contract taxis. The administrations of a taxi have now turned out to be more problem free.

If you are wondering why at all you should opt for a taxi even if you own a car, then we have some interesting reasons for you.

1.       Always Available: You will find taxi companies who are open to offering services round the clock. They are available even at the odd hours of the day. If you are having an emergency, all you have to do is book them letting them know your location and time to pick.

2.       Professional Drivers at Service: There are professional and trained drivers who will make your journey better. They are well aware of the directions and knows the shortest and the best route to reach the destination. With them, you will be in safe hands avoiding the risks of meeting with an accident.

3.       Are Flexible: Compared to the public transport, the taxi services are flexible. They will let you travel wherever you desire at whichever time you choose. The best part is that like public transports they do not give frequent halts to pick and drop passengers.

4.       Reasonable Fares: The fare to hire a cab service in Udaipur is quite reasonable. So, it is a smart option to enjoy comfort and be economic at the same time.

5.       Hassle Free Booking: A newer side off these taxis is that they can now be booked online. Passengers get the option to choose the type of car they want to take from a range of vehicles depending on their needs and budget.

6.       Saves Time: Taking a taxi services in Udaipur also saves a lot of your time and efforts. If you are having a car, you do not have to take it out. The vehicle will arrive at your doorstep a little while after you book them. In this way, you do not have to take a walk at the public transport stand. It will also save your time as it does not stop at various locations like buses and trains.

So, at any point, you need to travel you can hire Udaipur Taxi Services and complete your journey with ease.

To know more about Holiday Hire, please check our blog:  Holiday Hire: Top 5 reasons to hire a car when on holiday. If you're planning to visit Udaipur, visit and book a cab of your choice. You can call us@ +91 9116072235 and enjoy your tour with Udaipur Taxi Tour.

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Budget Trip to Dharamshala

Posted by Gaurav Dehal on February 22, 2018

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If you are planning a trip to North India then your trip will be considered incomplete if you do not go to Dharamshala because Dharamshala is a renowned hill station situated in Kangra District of Himachal in North India.Dharamshala has maximum number of tourists’ sights which are unique and historical. When you are planning to visit Dharamshala and Dalhousie and worried about your low budget then visit Dharamshala Tourism and tell them your requirements and travel date and rest all leave on us. Dharamshala or Dharamsala is the home of great Buddhist leader Mr. Dalai Lama which made it most famous Buddhist city in India. Dharamshala is divided in two parts upper Dharamshala and lower Dharamshala, Upper Dharamshala is the main area where markets and shop are situated. Upper Dharamshala also known as McLeodganj and it is full of Tibetan community. McLeodganj has Dalai Lama Temple and Complex and many monasteries etc. Dharamshala has Bhagsunag Temple and Water Falls, Dal Lake, St. John Church in Wilderness, Triund Trek, Kareri Lake, Tibetan Museum, HPCA Stadium, Namgyal Monastery and War Memorial etc.

Dharamshala Tourism is one of best tour planners in India who has extensive experience in tourism sector which help them to design inbound Dharamshala tour packages as per the requirements of the tourists. At Dharamshala Tourism, we have a team of experienced travel professionals who always taking care that our customized holiday packages should be fit in our clients' budgets. We provide online travel solution for all types of information and travel requirements in Dharamshala and Dalhousie like hotel booking, car rental, tour guide, pricing, availability, bus and rail reservation etc. DharamshalaTourism is your one stop travel shop in Dharamshala for all kinds of travel related services.

Dharamshala Tourism is a young, dynamic and rapidly growing travel management company offering world class travel arrangements for Dharamshala tour packages within clients’ budget. Our highly dedicated and qualified team of professionals believes in utmost client satisfaction and they provide their full efforts to satisfy their customers. We also connected with many budget and luxury hotels in Dharamshala & Dalhousie which help us to give you most suitable hotel according your pockets. Our hotel accommodation packages are very affordable and we also provide various offers on hotel booking in festival session. We  Dharamshala Tourism also provide Dharamshala volvo packages from Delhi and you can book our volvo bus package via our offical website. If you want to hire a taxi or car for local sightseeing then we also provide effective taxi service in Dharamshala and Dalhousie at very low cost. 


Holiday Hire: Top 5 reasons to hire a car when on holiday

Posted by Udaipur Taxi Tour on February 14, 2018

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There are hundreds of reasons to hire a car when vacationing in unknown city or country. Hiring a car saves you from the inconvenience of standing at the roadside and flagging down a cab. Instead you get to enjoy a stress free reliable ride right from the doorsteps of your hotel. A little heads up here try booking a car well in advance to avoid last minute rush. If you are a honeymooning couple or an individual stealing a slice of life for yourself on weekend away from the busy usual life then we recommend smaller hatchback cars that are perfect for short breaks along the sides of narrow winding roads overlooking the bright beautiful country side.

If still in doubt about hiring a car on holiday take a look at these top 5 reasons:

1.      Vacation securely: hiring a car with local driver has one top advantage of security. He knows all the lanes especially the ones to avoid due to traffic or safety concerns. Reputed companies like Udaipur Taxi Tour providing car rental service in Udaipur have a very strict procedure in place for hiring drivers. They perform extensive background checks to ensure their customer’s safety. Imagine flagging down some random taxi by the roadside and discovering later that the driver is drunk or misbehaving. What a nightmare that can be! Hire a car for your own safety.

2.      Cost: when you are a tourist you run the risk of getting tourist trapped. A taxi from point A to point B can prove to be really costly when you have no idea of the route or the prevalent price rate for a taxi in that area. You could be driven long way around for a spot nearby. Even though Google map could come handy what about the risk of being charged twice the usual amount applicable to a local. We at Udaipur Taxi Tour take special care in providing taxi services in Udaipur to our clients by having a uniform rate card applicable to all our clients irrespective of their nationality.

3.      Flexibility and freedom to explore: hiring a car gives you an added advantage of exploring the places around more freely. You do not need to worry about availability of a cab late at night in case you wish to drive around the lake in moonlight. If the mountainous terrain with lush green flora and fauna attracts you immensely then you have the luxury to stop midway and enjoy the countryside view. Hiring a car sets you free from all limitations like strict schedules, hopping local buses, running according to the city transport timings etc.

4.      Novelty and escapism: experience the thrill in exploring an all-new place from the comfort of a hired car. No hassles no tensions only fun!

5.      A friend in driver: when you hire a car from a reputed company you get a well trained courteous driver who can also be your local guide. Be respectful and you earn a friend who will happily guide you into local places, food and experiences worth investing.

Udaipur Taxi Tour has special customized Udaipur sightseeing tour packages to provide its customers the comfort of a clean and safe ride in and around the city. Taxi booking in Udaipur has never been this easy!      

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