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Tulsi-an alternative to cigarette smoking-part II

Tulsi-an alternative to cigarette smoking-part II
-Neelam Verma

Hello again, I am here to share my experiences after 23 months of smoking Tulsi / Basil cigarettes.
As per my dentist my oral health has improved. My gums are much stronger than before and there is no tartar formation on my teeth and hence no scaling of the teeth is required. 

More so, he said that, “ although there is no trace of  smoking, what about your lungs ? You are still inhaling smoke and that should be having negative effect. You must check on that. “ Soon, I got my lungs X-Ray taken, and the report turned out to be absolutely normal and there was no evidence of  smoking. May be Tulsi / Basil smoking since last 23 months had reversed the effect of smoking Tobacco for 40 years.  
Unfortunately, I had not taken any X-Ray before experimenting with Tulsi smoking and hence cannot compare the before and after effects.
Also, ever since I started off with Tulsi / Basil smoking,  I have tried to convince all Tobacco smokers I meet, to try out Tulsi / Basil smoking instead, and some of them have actually done so. 

Tipu, from Nainital, a mountaineer and an athlete who is 32 years old has been smoking Tulsi since last two months and he finds himself more energetic and lively. His observation is that when one smokes Tulsi, there is no formation of crease on one’s forehead ( i.e. there is no sign of stress /frown ), which you can clearly see on the foreheads of Tobacco smokers.  
Aman, from Dehradun, a guitarist who is 27 years old, used to find himself lethargic and tired all the time . But since he started off on Tulsi smoking on my advice, he finds himself energetic and relaxed. In just one month, he has started  going for morning walks, playing cricket and does 10 kms of cycling. His observation is that, “ since I have started smoking Tulsi, my urge to smoke has gone down considerably. Also people around me are not giving me bad vibes, may be because they like the smell of Tulsi. “

There are more people who have found Tulsi / Basil smoking a much better alternative to Tobacco smoking.  My suggestion to smokers around the world is to try out Tulsi / Basil smoking for a few days and experience the difference.

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 About Neelam

Neelam Verma runs a beautiful artifacts shop in Bandhavgarh and offers organic/nutritious breakfast to the visitors to Bandhavgarh National Park at her shop cum restaurant “ Malaya”.  Neelam can be contacted at +91 9407325100/+919428413002

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