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Book Review

Book Review

-Susan Sharma

The Land of the Setting Sun and Other Nature Tales by Arefa Tehsin and Raza H. Tehsin

I could never imagine some one could write such an endearing tales about-well, dung beetles!  or for that matter, about the scorpion, ratel, pangolin.   But the authors have managed producing just that - eight endearing tales about some of the animals and insects we never think of as "cuddly".   The authors' writings show remarkable knowledge about the behaviour of these animals and also an empathetic understanding of the way humans have looked at the animal kingdom.  

That is exactly why, I would recommend these books for adults, though this TERI publication on " Nature Tales" is said to be targeted at the young population.  

Buy it and read it,  it will transform the world around you into the magic land that it is,   will open your eyes to see some of the magic that is surrounding us if only we are observant and mindful of the web of life.

The Snow Leopard Adventure by Deepak Dalal

The snow leopard is a rare animal of immense beauty. But so elusive is the snow leopard that it is often referred to as the ‘Grey Ghost of the Himalaya.   Joining a team of ecologists and explorers, Vikram and Aditya set off on an expedition to the Zanskar Mountains of Ladakh to search for the fabled leopard. Here, Vikram meets Caroline, a beautiful and confused American teenager. Though he befriends her he cannot understand her compulsive desire to come upon a snow leopard. The saga of Tsering, the young lama, also continues in this story. Despite having being thwarted by Vikram and Aditya, his kidnappers are not about to give in.
Camping under glaciers, tramping above the snowline, searching for blue sheep and the magnificent leopard – ‘The Snow Leopard Adventure’ is a riveting story set amidst soaring mountains and deep valleys.

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