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"Living in harmony with Nature" season II

"Living in harmony with Nature" season II
-Susan Sharma

The second in our series of planned one day workshops was concluded successfully on 28th June, 2014 in Gurgaon.  

Susan Sharma addressing the participants

The participants heard presentations from leading environmentalists and naturalists.  In a bid to bring the thrust of these presentations to all IWC members, we will  try and put out in a nutshell, the import of these presentations. 

Prashant Mahajan from Earth Watch Institute making a presentation.

Earth watch Institute proclaimed their intention to source citizen scientists from IWC members and this was reported in the Gurgaon edition of Hindustan Times the next day.  See a clip here

Report in H.T newspaper dated 29th June, 2014

The details of their citizen science programs in Sirsi(Karnataka) and Manali(H.P) will be uploaded on our website soon as we finalize the details of our partnership.  

In this month's ezine we present to you the power point presentation made by Mr.Manu Bhatnagar of INTACH.   Mr Bhatnagar presented a fascinating case-study of how INTACH managed resurrecting the Hauz Khas lake in New Delhi.  The lake is now a favourite spot for bird watchers looking for local and migratory birds.   His presentation about the possible resurrection of Najafgarh jheel on the border of Delhi and Gurgaon  has been uploaded on and the link is given below.

Manu Bhatnagar making his presentation

A report in Hindustan newspaper attached below, gave special mention about bio remediation and other natural methods of water treatment available today to make sewerage water usable.  

Report in Hindustan dated 29th June, 2014

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