By learning how to garden with the needs of wildlife in mind, you can attract beautiful birds, delightful butterflies and other remarkable creatures to your front yard, backyard or balcony. Landscaping for wildlife is gardening at its very best. Native plants, when chosen, require the least amount of care, leaving more time for enjoying the garden.
People thinking of establishing a habitat must think "from the ground up". Starting with what you are adding to your soil in the way of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. and how it may affect the living creatures that you are trying to attract. Read all labels and make informed decisions about what you are willing to do to ensure that beneficials (good insects) aren't killed along with so-called "bad" bugs.

"Having a backyard wildlife habitat adds tremendously to my quality of life. Watching the birds and other creatures who visit the yard is the most relaxing part of my day. Puttering around the small backyard, taking photos, or just sitting and watching is my best escape from stress and hassle. It takes only as much time and effort as I have to give to it. You don't need a green thumb or years of experience to create a habitat - anything you do that makes your yard a more welcoming place for wildlife will return rewards that more than repay the work you did to create it. Like me, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have made the world a little better place through your actions." - An experienced wildlife gardener

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