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Guestdog at Our House

A dog that had lost its way has taken shelter in our house since 2nd April. It was quite exhausted when it came and has a chain around its neck. Now having fed it, from the 2nd day it started wagging its tail and it is acting as our watchdog.

 It doesn’t allow anyone to come into the house, it doesn’t go out. When we closed the gate when it was outside, it stayed there till we came back and didn’t allow the servant to come in and Regie had to come from office to allow her in.

The dog appears well trained and disciplined so far. Not from any nearby area as could be traced. But needs a lot of food as it is fairly big.

If nobody turns up we will hand it over to somebody willing to take it. Photos taken on mobile attached. May be you can help us identify the breed.

Anil, Regie

Watch Dogs and now Watch birds!

Watch dogs are a pretty common security defence for homes and businesses. Watch birds not so much. But that didn't stop Merlin, a seven-year-old blue-and-gold macaw who scared off a burglar at a US pet store.

Intruders smashed the front window of Pet Palace in Leominster, Massachusetts, about 72 kilometres west of Boston, and as they entered the store the bird began to shout, store manager Lori Oltman said. "When he hears someone come into the building, or the puppies get riled up or whatever, he'll start calling for Rhonda, who is the woman who used to own him," Oltman said.

"He was screaming for Rhonda and they weren't aware that it was a bird and not a person. And so they took flight rather quickly."


Date and Mate your Dog!

Mumbai and Delhi have come up with websites for pet-owners and wannabe dog owners- – to select and own puppies/groom them and mate them! is a social networking site for dogs and dog lovers. has a forum for dog owners and even online medical advice!
Sgt Pepper plays the piano

Sgt Pepper, blue roan cocker spaniel runs up and plays the piano

All it took was a dash of Pepper !
-Sucharita Narayanan

Last Sunday my daughter brought home a 35- day- old pup…. An event I’d tried to fight off for over ten years. It is not like I don’t like dogs… just, I’ve never seen myself as a dog owner. After bringing up two kids, making some compromises on my lifestyle, my career, I just wasn’t ready to take on a responsibility that I could clearly see was for ever—dogs never can become self sufficient. Deep down there was another fear. Years ago, I’d seen a dog bite my sister. Much later, a pup my husband and two year old son played with died, and I witnessed both of them taking 14 shots in the stomach. As far as I was concerned, dogs and I didn’t belong.

Years of arguments later, my resistance was beaten down with my daughter proclaiming she would look after him totally. At some level I felt guilty denying them what my husband declared was an experience of a lifetime. I made a mental resolve to disengage. It was their decision, their responsibility.

But how does one disengage from a small defenseless creature peering out from the folds of a soft towel? Last Sunday, when I first saw Sgt Pepper ( a name he doesn’t respond to just yet) I felt guilty… of not giving him a fair chance. He whined piteously the first night. All members of the family were up and watching… a thing that hadn’t happened in years. We all lead pretty independent lives, sometimes we are like ships that pass in the night. Yet with one small whine four anxious heads gathered around the basin simultaneously making diverse sounds. Our latest addition had succeeded where I’d failed for years…getting all of us together… a thing we didn’t do even at mealtimes given our schedules.

Day two brought a stream of visitors… friends of my daughter all of whom had suggestions on every aspect of bringing up a dog. Suddenly I realized I’d been catapulted into a vast network of dog lovers. My social life is changing. In the last week most of the calls have been about Sgt Pepper. One visitor brings brownies on each visit for us… love your dog, and we love you too!

Meanwhile Pepper is literally growing by leaps and bounds. Each day he explores a new part of the home. I am beginning to understand that the world offers a whole new perspective five inches from the ground…there are no obstacles to a small furry body that can get through anything. I am learning from a forty- day- old pup the meaning of risk taking! He knows how to get attention and keep it riveted on him … another area I’d like tips on! My need for tidiness also seems to be on a decline with newspapers, toys chewables strewn all over the place. I actually don’t feel the need to clean up immediately.

One week ago I would not have believed that I’d be doing things so differently. Maybe we can learn people management skills from a puppy!!


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