Quiz on Gruiformes

1. This crane spends the whole year in one locality

2. These members of ‘gruiformes’ are small, secretive birds with rounded wings and short tails and the rear toe on each foot missing. These are,

3. Several of the world’s cranes are now endangered mainly due to

4. The purple moorhen ( family :rail) is a common site at

5. These long legged birds of the open plains are powerful runners. These are

6. The smallest of the cranes is

7. To court a female he, 1)extends his neck and wings 2) Bows deeply 3) Then approaches the female. Who is he?

8. The birds grouped together as ‘gruiformes’

9. These rails get quarrelsome during breeding season. Rival males clash over territory. These are,

10. `Gruiformes` are the diverse group of birds consisting of

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