Wetland Quiz

1. .......................is a water storage reservoir created in 1975 on the Beas River in the low foothills of the Himalaya

2. Loktak lake, a freshwater wetland in Manipur protects the endangered

3. Name the longest continuous patch of mangrove ecosystem in India

4. Increase in nitrogen and phosphorous in wetlands results inabnormal algai growth and decay, eventually leading to the depletion of oxygen levelin the water. This phenomenon is called..

5. Name the salt resistant plant communities that act as buffers between land and sea and are destroyed at a fast rate all over the world

6. India has a total of----------------Ramsar sites

7. Since 1900, more than ............% of the world's wetlands have disappeared

8. Name the wetland in Maharashtra which is a notified Ramsar site

9. Name India's largest inland salt lake

10. Name the highest trans-himalayan wetland of J&K which is also a Ramsar site

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