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Postage stamps issued with pictures of wildlife/nature become Collector's items. In our routine brush with postage stamps most of us, unless we are ardent stamp collectors, miss these colourful stamps. brings you a feature wherein we examine each day a special stamp issued by the Department of Posts to commemorate an endangered species or to celebrate a beautiful natural heritage.

On 6th November 2006, a commemorative stamp on ‘HimalayanLakes’ was issued for a denomination of Rs5/-. 

Known for their pristine beauty, the Himalayan lakes ofIndia, surrounded by towering snowcapped peaks, have inspired travelers,pilgrims, painters and adventure seekers. From Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, the Himalayan ranges aredotted with a galaxy of lakes of remarkable beauty.  Most of these lakes are found at altitudes ofless than 5000 meters and, interestingly, the size of the lake diminishes withaltitude. 

Tsangu in Bhutia language literally means “the source”.  This tranquil lake is located at an altitudeof 1310 ft. on the Gangtok Nathula High way. The lake is about 1km long, oval in shape about 15 meters deep and isconsidered sacred by the people.  Itscool, placid waters mirror the enchanting beauty of the surrounding Alpineforests which are home to rare animals like the Red Panda, the Brahminy Duckand a variety of other birds.

-Department of Posts and Telegraphs India

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