Synopsis of 'Chaliyar : The Final Struggle'

"All I wish is to see my river come back to life just once, see the fish leap in the sun . And see that my people don’t have to die any more like I will"

Late Sri K A Rahman
Ex. Panchayat President, Vazhakkad

1958: The Government of Kerala, persuadues the Birlas to open a factory in Mavoor, North Kerala.

The GRASIM rayon pulp factory is open for the last 38 years. Thousands of workers earn their living trading future lives for the present. The fumes wing their way to the neighbourhood spreading disease and death. Effluents gurgle into the Chaliyar River poisoning everything on its way to the sea.

At a time when environmental activism was unheard of, a man leads his people to save their river and their lives from the killer factory .

Their dream is to see their river come back to life, and fishes leap in the sun.

A river, her people and a factory that gobbles all our precious natural resources and pollutes our land lives, form the principal characters of this video film.

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