Synopsis of 'The Golden Bird'
Five years ago, the Wildlife CD-ROM titled 'The Golden Bird' was launched. The objective was to create a product which was of the finest possible quality and aimed at the macro level of the Indian education system. The KaleidoIndia team has put together material on a subject which is not very easy to document in the Indian subcontinent where most wild species are endangered and rare to come by.

The content is truly encyclopaedic in its scope and designed to be of interest to a wide cross-section of people from casual browsers to experts. The content matter of the CD covers the following subject areas:
  • Overview of Indian wildlife.
  • India's wild habitats.
  • Detailed sections on Indian animal species, comprising all groups of mammala, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish.
  • Protected Areas: Sanctuaries and National Parks.
  • Conservation and Management (people and social issues, government and non-government agencies).
  • Wildlife Trade and Traffic.
  • Wildlife Law.
The CD content also constitutes a diffuse database comprising:
  • Maps and overlays (areas, species distribution and range)
  • Statistics, Fact sheets, Dictionary/Glossary of conservation terms.
  • Glossary of English, Indian vernacular and Latin names
  • Bibliographies and References.
Text listings and descriptions have been integrated with pictures, video and sound and, where the subject so demands, information has been supplemented with graphics and animations to illustrate special features.

A high quality image bank comprising over 4000 still images (colour and B&W pictures, artworks, line drawings) and 40 minutes of edited motion film has been incorporated in the CD-ROM. All these have been interactively linked through specially designed navigational screens.

For the expert and more technically inclined user, in-depth data in the form of extracts of research papers and lists of references for further reading have also been provided.

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