Zoo Tales
Toby Nainan retired from Delhi Zoo a few years back. With his varied experiences with the wild animals in the Zoo, he is the right person to talk about zoo animals.

Hear what Nainan has to say about his life and chosen career!
1. Snake Tales - Part I (01 May 2003)
Lots of people have fear of snakes and I was no exception to this.
2. The Punishment (01 March 2003)
A number of my friends enjoy their drink and so do my elephants. This applies to a large number of my charges at the Delhi Zoo. When the weather gets really cold, animals other than elephants snuggle down in the warmth of their dens with large amounts of straw to warm them.
3. An Elephantine Welcome (01 January 2003)
A pair of Leopard cubs were the P.M.’s gift to the Algerian people and these were flown in style to Algiers with me. I would be required to (1) clean dirty crates (2) provide for the care of the cubs (3) meet V.I.P.s and welcome them properly.
4. Carrying Coals to Newcastle? (01 December 2002)
The year 1974. The pair of baby elephants had to go to Zanzibar. This was a gift of the Vice President of India to the Tanzanian government and they had to go by sea.
5. Encounters of the elephant kind (01 November 2002)
Elephants, though very intelligent, have their moods - strong likes & dislikes - like a large number of us.
6. The P.M’s Hospitality (01 October 2002)
Elephants in India, since time immemorial, have been associated with V.I.P.s. In times of war they have been used as huge battering rams tearing down mighty gates of forts, crushing puny foot soldiers underfoot.
7. The rains came down and the floods came up(01 August 2002)
It is not every one who reaches office to find that floods have stopped his work !
8. Rhino Bride Hunt(01 July 2002)
Finding suitable partners for our charges is a full time job and fraught with many dangers of very different kinds.
9. A Very Human "Tail"(01 June 2002)
Animals are very interesting but humans are quite so too. It was a very normal day at the zoo and there were just the mundane affairs to be attended to.
10. Wanted A Bride-Japanese origin Preferred(01 April 2002)
There were far too many bachelor boys around. This was very disturbing. My job was there to see that the tribe increased and it applied to all animals including the Hippo.
11. The Hippo`s Time(01 February 2002)
Our hippo would soon be a Mamma! Something that we all looked forward to.
I had only seen a baby and momma from the safe comfortable confines of a jeep with plenty of good food and cold beer inside me.
12. Train Tiger Tumble(01 January 2002)
It was decided at last that my tigress would go to Trichur (Kerala).
She was duly crated and ensconced in the brake van of the train. (G.T Express) going from Delhi to Madras-to be further transported from Madras for the onward journey to Trichur.
13. A Lined love that Lasted(01 December 2001)
A love affair is very private for most people. But I have gone through private affairs that have been very public indeed; so public that they have been prominently displayed in newspapers.
14. More Monkey Business(01 November 2001)
One of the things that gives a 'Zoo Man' a great lift is when he is called out to capture a wild animal that has 'invaded' 'human' habitation. ...Well, monkeys in Delhi do this quite often and may I confess that this happens usually when one is at his lowest ebb and works miracles on his feeling of well being
15. Urban Wild(01 October 2001)
Urban Delhi is a place where a number of wild animals live in the concrete jungle of the capital city ( pun unintended)........
The displaced monkeys who have made the Capital's North Block their home, are a sight for any visitor to the India Gate. Simians walking boldly past uniformed naval officers and decorated Generals through the corridors of power is indeed a ludicrous sight
16. The Making of a Zoo Man(01 September 2001)
Urban Delhi is a place where a number of wild animals live in the concrete jungle of the capital city ( pun unintended)........
The urge to look after wild animals started off at a very young age especially fuelled off by my Dad's hobby of keeping not only domestic animals but also wild ones at home. At about the age of 7+ I had the chance to enter a pigeon coop and help my father to clean it up, change the water and feed. I could, after some instruction, find out the sick ones, treat them and after some years could even do minor surgery.

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