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Our online chat on 18 th August was free- wheeling and democratic. Positive. Looking for solutions rather than blaming each other . IWC believes that the ideas that are generated in any discussion should be more important than the persons who generate them. Our online chats are striving towards that.

Read the chat transcript for the month by clicking here.

If you cannot make it to the chat room every month, we do have a 24 hour, 31 day open forum for you to jot down your ideas - The IWC Weblog, unfortunately not seeing its potential yet, as a generator of ideas. Here is the link

Have you visited recently? Well, the site has got a much needed makeover and, we believe, is more user- friendly. The missing pictures are in place and a couple of new photographers added.

Our usual features are there in the ezine : a write up on the spotted munia, a passionate plea to take our national bird seriously, a short check list to prepare for winter annuals in the garden and a glimpse of trekking in the Yellow Stone national park!

We have added a new feature on the home page called “ Film Corner” Do check it out. It is on the right hand side towards the bottom of the home page.

And Views……………………..

“In around 2040, India’s population will start declining, thus reducing pressure on land. If India is able to execute economic reforms, India’s income will rise dramatically in coming years. It is possible to envision extraordinary benefits from biodiversity, ranging from tourism to research, in the years to come in the context of a prosperous India with a declining population. The puzzle that we face is that of saving enough species over this most-dangerous period of 2005-2040. Putting aside 1-2 percent of India’s area for this purpose appears to be a small price to pay.”

Ila Patnaik in Indian Express dated 25 Aug 2005

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