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Answers to quiz on mammals

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1. In which of the four chambers of the stomach is a bovine's food digested?
O The first. O The second. O The fourth.
2. What is a favourite food of the Indian Porcupine?
O The seed of the Jamun fruit. O The dropped horns of deer. O Snails.
3. Which creature's dung is characterized by hard white balls composed chiefly of crushed bone?
O Owl O Hyena O Mountain Goat
4. Which fruit is a special favourite of the jackal?
O Jackfruit O Ber O Jamun
5. Which mammal's eye-lenses have no power of accommodation so that it has to move its head to focus?
O The Camel O The Horse O The Aardwolf
6. Which animal has greater endurance as a runner?
O Cheetah O Horse O Mountain Goat
7. What is the pecularity of the Gangetic Dolphin?
O It is mostly vegetarian O It is black all over and has no fins O It is blind
8. How many known species of mammal are there?
O 4230 O 9800 O 7516
9. Which mammal has the longest hair of all?
O The Musk Ox O The Yak O The Mountain Goat
10. Can bears swim?
O Yes O No O Some bears can

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