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Snakes of the Lake- A story of Rock Python

Snakes of the Lake- A story of Rock Python

-Vikas Sharma

During the evening walk at Sukhna Lake,Chandigarh, I found some people gathered around something. Upon approaching I found that was a snake slowly crossing the road. There was a confusion between Russell’s Viper and Rock Python which was cleared after clarification from group members of Chandigarh Bird Club. I tried keeping people away from the snake and give way so that it could go back to the forest, but the snake was too slow which could be due to a hearty meal it might have had or an injury. The excitement of people was beyond their control as they were making videos & taking photographs randomly and quiet close to it too. I noticed one of the mothers’ standing nearby calling out to her son to come and see the snake. The chap was least scared while I was still making sure that the snake should be given way so that it doesn’t get frightened and attacks someone. One of the passer by picked a stick and was going near the snake. I insisted him not to kill it. He said he just wanted to place the snake at a safe place. While he placed the stick near to the snake, it took some time to realize that it could be a better way to climb the stick. We made sure that the snake be placed from where it could be easy for it to go back to the forest area. We kept it near the water and saw it going comfortably. Last to last week I saw a beautiful snake was killed by the security persons near the light house (Suicide tower).  Due to lack of awareness about the snakes being venomous & non venomous these are being killed at Sukhna Lake. The Forest department must ensure that  a task force be deployed to handle snakes, so that such incidents can be avoided in the future and the serpents can be saved. The nonfunctional lights may aggravate the problem of snake bites. 

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