Public installations create awareness about Environment

Public installations create awareness about Environment
-Paradise: Sustainable Oceans

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National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Taiwan is organizing the 2015 International Environment Art Project in Keelung, Taiwan.  

The theme for 2015 is Paradise: Sustainable Oceans. The artworks will be about the changing conditions in the oceans and aim to use natural, recycled and coastal trash as materials to make the region a “paradise” for children and families to share fun and joy, besides, raising public awareness about caring for the marine environment. The artworks will be about encouraging the improvement of conditions in the world’s oceans and protecting our oceans and coastal environments.

2015 will be the 1st year of this marine environment art project that is organized by the NMMST and supported with community development and economic improvement funds from national and local government. The selected artists will work with community residents, visitors and volunteers to create large-scale interactive outdoor sculpture installations that will raise awareness about ocean environmental issues, develop community pride, and attract more visitors to the area.  Read more about this project which is currently open to public at 

Ashish Ghosh is the only Indian to be selected for this public installation which is on view from 14th May to 6th June, 2015.   Here are the  drawing plans of the proposed installations sent in by Ashish.   We had carried an article about Ashish 's untiring efforts to use his art form in spreading awareness about nature and environment in our ezine of September, 2014.  You can read the article at 

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