Butterfly Pond Project

".....and wnen all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful"
-Ruskin Bond

Thousand Shades Butterfly Park spread over 19 acres (adjoining Tau Devilal Bio Diversity Park) seeks to provide a Natural/Self sustaining habitat for butterflies. It seeks to provide butterflies the environment that nature intended.

The Park, developed by local NGO Uthaan has a large number of supporters among large Corporates (National Geographic, Moody's) and many concerned Residents of the town. Many Schools visit the Park each week, with their students.

The Park provides its visitors a unique, serene and beautiful environment to spend time in. It creates awareness about the importance of conserving these beautiful creatures through an interpretation centre and indoor conservatory.

Around 30 species of butterflies have been spotted so far. A special indoor conservatory has been built for the plain tiger butterfly. We view this initiative as an ideal Project for your Club to be involved in an on-Ground activity.

IndianWildlifeClub.com has associated with Uthaan and Manish K.(water lilies expert)to create a waterlily pond and a marsh land around it to attract fireflies! Manish from Team Jallumudini is the knowledge partner. He has experience of setting up water bodies in Delhi and NOIDA.

The project is expected to cost Rs 5 lacs. [ View details of the break-up of cost ]

Butterfly Pond Map

A representative sketch of the proposed Butterfly Pond

IndianWildlifeClub has committed to raise Rs 2 lacs for the project. The balance will be raised from Corporate Sponsorships.


The list of supporters who contribute will be published weekly in our forum under the category "Butterfly Pond Project"

Please see a short video on youtube, on how the project came about.
[ https://youtu.be/zqZfVPaOk-w ]

Work on the project has already started. You can follow the progress of the work through our forum postings

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