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The Great Indian Bustard
Wild Life Week is celebrate by Indians from 2nd October to 8th October in order to protect and to conserve the animals in the Indian subcontinent. The motto of wildlife week is to create awareness among people about the animal’s life and to encourage them to save animals. Across the world, all the big animals have a name attached with something which is unmatched so that the name itself creates awe and wonder. The Galapagos tortoise, the “Great” Indian Rhino and the lion, also called as “King of the Jungle”. Yet, one giant bird is totally missed out, even though its name presents it as gigantic and big- the Great Indian Bustard. It is one of the most  critically endangered bird species in India which we need to be talk about. 

So this is how the Indian Bustard decided to express its views about "INDIAN WILD LIFE WEEK, 2017"
Niraj Kumar

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