Answers To Quiz Of The Month

Answers Of Quiz On Birds

Amitabh Agarwal and Vinai Shukla, last month's winners, have again given all correct answers to this month's bird quiz. Congratulations!

1. Which of these birds has the largest wingspan?
O Arctic Tern O Lapwing O Albatross
2. Which of these birds can travel the longest without flapping its wings?
O Andean Condor O The Black Vulture O The Whisteling Hawk
3. The Flamingo has a very curiously inverted beak. What is it used for?
O To peck the leg of intruders O To scoop the mud bottom and strain the minute food particles through O To act as a pouch for uneaten fish
4. Birds have no teeth. Where is their food broken up before being digested?
O In the gizzard O In the throat O In the stomach
5. Which bird can rotate its head a 180 degrees on either side?
O The Owl O The Roller O The Nightjar
6. Which is the weakest sense of birds?
O Taste O Hearing O Smell
7. What is the name of the earliest known bird?
O Anapsida O Archaeopteryx O Sauropterygia
8. Which is the only bird that can move both the upper and lower parts of its beaks?
O Parrot O Vulture O Falcon
9. Which is the tallest Indian bird?
O The Sarus Crane O The Adjutant Stork O The Barheaded Goose
10. The African Honeyguide bird loves honeywax but it cannot break the honeybee hive. What does it do?
O It pushes the branches of the tree till the hive falls and breaks O It leads honey badgers to the hive O It pecks at the exterior, worrying the bees till they abondon the hive

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