Central Empowered Committee
(Constituted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India by order dated 9.5.2002in Writ Petitions (Civil) Nos. 202/95 & 171/96)

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Lodi Road New Delhi 110003
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FileNo.1- 1/CEC/SC/2002
Dated: 3.6.2002


The Central Empowered Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) has been constituted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court by its order dated 9.5.2002 in Writ Petitions (Civil) Nos. 202/95 & 171/96 (copy enclosed). In pursuance to para 2 of the said order, the following are nominated to the Central Empowered Committee with the approval of the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) and concurrence of the Solicitor General for India / Amicus Curiae in the said cases:

(1) Shri P.V.Jayakrishnan, presently Secretary to the Government of India, MoEF Chairman
(2) Shri N.K.Joshi, Additional Director General of Forests, MoEF Member
(Representative of MoEF)
(3) Shri Valmik Thapar, Ranthambore Foundation Member
(4) Shri Mahendra Vyas, Advocate Supreme Court Member

2.0) Shri M.K.Jiwrajka, presently Inspector General of Forests, Ministry of Environment & Forests shall be the Member Secretary of the Committee.

3.0) The powers and functions of the Committee as per the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India are as under:

(3) Pending interlocutory application in these two writ petitions as well as the reports and affidavits filled by the States in response to the orders made by the Court shall be examined by the Committee, and their recommendations will be placed before Hon’ble Court for orders.

(4) Any individual having any grievance against any steps taken by the Government or any other authority in purported compliance with the orders passed by this Hon’ble Court will be at liberty to move the Committee for seeking suitable relief. The Committee may dispose of such applications in conformity with the orders passed by Hon’ble Court. Any application which cannot be appropriately disposed of by the Committee may be referred by it to this Hon’ble Court.

(5) The Committee shall have the power to:
  • Call for any documents from any person or the government of the Union or the State or any other official.
  • Summon any person and receive evidence from such person on oath either on affidavit or otherwise.
  • Seek assistance / presence of any persons(s) / official(s) required by it in relation to its work.
(6) The Committee may decide its own procedure for dealing with applications and other issues. Union of India shall provide suitable and adequate office accommodation for the Committee. The expenditure incurred on the working of the Committee including salary / remuneration to the extent not payable by the Government) to the members and supporting staff, may be met out of income accruing to the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Necessary procedure for this may be formulated by the Committee in consultation with the SIT.

(7) The Committee is empowered to co-opt one or more persons as its members or as special invitees for dealing with specific issues. While dealing with issues pertaining to a particular State, wherever feasible, the Chief Secretary and Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of the State shall be co-opted as special invitees.

(8) The Committee shall submit quarterly reports to the Hon’ble Court. It will be liberty to seek clarifications/modifications needed by it from Hon’ble Court.”

Member Secretary

  • Registrar, Supreme Court ( attention PIL Cell).
  • Attorney General of India.
  • Solicitor General for India and Amicus Curiae in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 202/95.
  • Shri P.V.Jayakrishnan, Chairman Central Empowered Committee.
  • Shri N.K.Joshi, Additional Director General of Forests, Ministry of Environment & Forests & Member, Central Empowered Committee.
  • Shri Valmik Thapar, – Member Central Empowered Committee.
  • Shri Mahendra Vyas, – Member Central Empowered Committee.
  • PS to MEF.
  • Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.
  • Director General of Forests & Special Secretary, MOEF.
  • Chairman High Power Committee for the North-Eastern Region.
  • Chairman Special Investigation Team.
  • All officers of DIG and above level, MoEF.
  • Regional Chief Conservators of Forests, MoEF (all).
  • Secretaries to Government of India (all ministries).
  • Administrators / Chief Secretaries (all States / UTs).
  • Principal Chief Conservators of Forests, (all States/ UTs).
  • Secretaries (Forests) (all States / UTs).
This Notification should be given wide publicity & circulated to all concerned.

Member Secretary


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