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Wildlife Plus   (English/28min/2004/Beta)
Animals and dance, music and nature, is there a thread that runs through them? These rae some of the questions a group of kids try and find the answers to, as they spend a summer learning the classical arts.

Though art forms are diverse they discover the interlinked awareness of the world around them. As they sing, dance, play and fight through the summer they also learn a great deal about nature. Helping them I their joyous journey of discovert are eminent performers Gopal Sharman and Jalabala Vaidya.

Producer: Public Service Broadcasting Trust

Director: Ajay Shetty and Anasuya Vaidya
Willing To Sacrifice   25 min. 1998
This film vividly narrates a story of individual sacrifice. Killed by poachers, Nihal Chand Bishnoi has become a kind of martyr in the Bishnoi community. In him we see the legacy of a community, which has long enjoyed a reputation for fierce environmental protection. Even at the cost of their own lives, the Bishnois adhere to their religious principles which ban the felling of trees and the killing of wild animals. Here, courage and conviction are a part of daily life.

Direction: B.V.P Rao
Enquiries :
359, Asian Games Village
New Delhi 110 049
Ph: 91 11 649886
Fax: 91 11 436 0779
wings of change   (English)-28 min.
A film on Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, a wetland visited by many migratory birds from all over the world. The film shot in summer , monsoon and winter gives details about the existing bio-diversity and clearly answers why this is the most favoured wetland for the migratory birds. A tree full of different types of birds is a common sight in Keoladeo National Park. Tourists from all over the world visit the park to witness the breeding of birds like Ibis, Painted Stork, Herons, Spoonbills, etc. Rare scenes like Painted stork feeding young ones, Snake bird swallowing its food, are some of the main attractions of the film. Moreover the park,s mammal and reptile population is equally rich. This beautiful park which inspires the hobby of bird watching is also facing the threat of being converted into grassland. Protection of such eco-systems is a major task, which cannot be achieved without involving local people.

Producer:Bombay Natural History Society

Enquiries: .BNHS ,Hornbill House,
Dr.Salim Ali Chowk
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road,
Mumbai 400023
Tel: 91 22 2821811
Woods Were Lovely Dark and Deep   English/30min 30sec/2002
An indigenous Indian tribe, Kani’s from Agsthayar Hills in the southern state of Kerala, has been awarded the Intellectual Property Rights to the active ingredients of a plant, long known to it as helping to combat stress, in a move that the government hopes will end the ‘piracy’ of tribal knowledge by both Indian and foreign drug companies. While tracing the history of the case itself and trying to understand the issue of access to traditional knowledge and benefit sharing, the film probes an equally larger issue of biodiversity conservation, IPR regimes, and patents debates.

Producer: Dinesh Lakhanpal, Lakhanpal Productions

Lakhanpal Productions, D/3/206, Inlaks park, Yari Road
Versova, Andheri(W)
Mumbai 400061
Tel: 91-22-26333747
Words on Water   English /85mins/2002
A boat carrying the cargo of defiance begins an urgent journey through the Narmada valley. For more than 15 years, people of the valley have resisted a series of massive dams on their river, and in their struggle have exposed the deceptive heart of India’s development politics. ‘Words on Water’ is about the sustained non-violent resistance, that almost joyous defiance, which empowers the people as they struggle for their rights, yet saves them from the ultimate humiliation of violence.

Producer: Sanjak Kak, Octave Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Octave Communications
C4/4048, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070
Tel. 91-11 26893893 Mob. 91-98112 29952

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