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We released three short films in Wildbytes Tv channel during March.   

Watch them and write your comments in the You Tube channel. 

A few words about Climate Change and Gardeners. 

Anukriti Sud Hittle does research, teach and work on environmental issues, at the intersection of policy, economics and science for international and national issues, especially in the area of climate change.   Her area of focus is Hawai‘i, where she has been involved in conservation work since 1994.

Simplifying the complex topic of climate change for All India Kitchen Garden Association(AIKGA) members, is no easy task.  But her talk in Gurgaon, on 17th March, 2017, addressing the AIKGA members, was not only brilliant but outstanding for the way she managed connecting climate change issues with the grass roots, the gardeners and farmers.

records excerpts from her talk.  Hope this will benefit many many more gardeners.  

For those who want to participate in citizen science projects in India, please log in to the website and register yourself.  
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