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Answers to Quiz on tiger poaching

This month no one has given all rigth answers, but, have given 9 right answers

Right Answer to Quiz on tiger poaching

1.The international wildlife trade has resulted in around ………….species being pushed towards extinction globally
  • 344
  • 622
  • 1435  

  • 2.Trade in tiger and tiger products are banned under
  • WCPA ( World Commission on Protected Areas)
  • ? IUCN ( The World Conservation Union)
  • CITES ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora )  

  • 3.A country with the best foreat and wildlife laws and the worst "on the ground" protection mechanisms is
  • India
  • Africa
  • USA  

  • 4.Globally wildlife trade is second only to
  • Narcotics
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Hawala dealings  

  • 5.Despite hundreds of poaching cases caught in India the numbe of convictions are
  • less than ten
  • less than five
  • less than twenty  

  • 6.Which of the following is a tiger consumer country as per the tiger enforcement task force?
  • Canada
  • S. Africa
  • India  

  • 7.Unlike bone seizures, skin siezures have increased in India since
  • 1991
  • 1981
  • 1971  

  • 8."Sailong" promoted by China as a substitute for tiger bone in oriental medicines is
  • a common type of moli rat bone
  • a kind of rattel bone
  • a dog bone  

  • 9.Naxalite activity has resulted in a fear psychosis that prevents forest guards from freely patrolling the forest. This is true of
  • Kanha tiger reserve
  • Srisailam-NagarjunaSagar Tiger Reserve
  • Corbett tiger reserve  

  • 10.Throughout Dudhwa National Park( 680 sq. km) ……………Forestry Department men clear tracks and plant trees and also monitor for poaching.
  • 150
  • 250
  • 1200  

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