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What met my eye at the ISB (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad)

-Dr.Susan Sharma

In our ezine of  January, 2006,  we had published an article about ISB, written by Ragoo Rao who was instrumental in landscaping the campus when it started.

That the landscape will define this premier school and my first visit to the place will remain with me forever for the sheer beauty of the environs, is something I did not expect.  I visited the School in April, 2010 to attend the Convocation of the Class of 2010.

On a hot afternoon resting in the A.C Room of the Executive Guest House our son had booked for us, a huge butterfly flitting about outside the window, caught my eye.  The Crimson Rose, my first sighting of this butterfly, thrilled me no end.  I showed the picture I clicked to my son. “I have seen it outside my hostel room as well”, he said.  

Crimson rose is a large swallowtail butterfly.   The butterfly was seen resting on local trees.  The campus did not have any lantana bushes that I could see but the abundance of other flowers must be providing enough nectar for the butterflies. 

During the morning walk through the campus the next day,  I could see the meticulous planning that had gone in landscaping the area. 

The main avenues were lined with ficus bushes but just behind were rows and rows of local trees and bushes where birds and butterflies made merry.  In the span of half an hour I saw peafowls, a crow pheasant, green bee eaters, wag tails, paddy birds, bul buls , mynahs, warblers, sun birds, tailor birds ….a galloping brown hare …

The beauty of the place cannot but create an impression on the future businessmen and executives. 

Two students from the 2010 batch have created a cartoon series called “The Cold Call”.  A humorous take ( loosely  on the lines of the Dilbert Comics) on the One year integrated course by two peafowls ( the most common and one of the  numerous of the bird species seen around).  Here is a humorous clip.  To see more, visit

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