Flowers in Spring

Flowers in Spring                                    


Me and you
In the lap of the mountains,                                                   
Under the watchful eyes                                       
Of Mother Nature                                                                                
The vast spread of forest                                           
Beckoning us with open arms.

The petunias, the dahlias,

The gladioli, the flocks

The poppies, the hollyhocks.

The butterflies like pansies,

The bridal white of daisies, 

The cacti in variety crazy

Intoxicating us with exotic colours

and a vivid mix of fragrance.

The parakeets and pheasants,
The chorus of crickets,
Bees, mites and insects.
Amidst the scintillating view
Of  tall towering pines,
Fills our hearts
With abiding joy.

I throw my arms up

Watching the radiance of

The morning Sun

And give a cry of exhilaration.

          By Bhakti Sharma

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