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Online Environmental Courses

Our Club is proud that 17 of our members are enrolled in the one year certificate program offered by BNHS.

14 members signed up for  The Leadership Course in Biodiversity Conservation (LCBC) while 3 signed up for the Basic Course in Entomolgy(BCE).

All seventeen of them, leaders in their own right,  are now poised to take on  larger roles to protect the environment around them.  Team IWC and the Community of 5682 members wish them the very best for the future.  Please feel free to share your unique experiences in learning at the premier Natural History Organization in the country with IWC members by using our member upload features. 

Here are brief details about the participants.


1.Pooja Hemdev ( poojahemdev@gmail.com )

Pooja has voluntered for some field activities with the WWF-India and also writes articles for their quarterly publication.

2. Rohit Pansare    (rpansare87@gmail.com)

Rohit is the founding member of an environmental organisation-Mission Enviro, which works for environmental education and awareness creation in high schools and colleges. His paper on celebrating festivals in a eco-friendly manner & a article on mining has been published by the Institute of Science and Religion. He has also been a part of the 'Clean CEPT Initiative', CEPT, Ahmedabad, which was working towards cleaner campus while he pursued his Master's in Environmental Planning.
While pursuing  Civil Engineering he represented India at the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Programme, 2008 (BYEEP 2008) in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), held at Leverkusen, Germany.

3. Sridhar A   (mizhaavu@gmail.com)  

Seidhar is part of the River Protection Forum in his home town Chalakudy, a people's forum concerned about the river conservation and working against the detiorating health of the river.  He is also part of the various environmental organizations in Bangalore like Hasiru Usiru, Bangalore Birds and Arkavathy River Protection Forum and takes part in their various activities.

4. Shailaja Deshpande  shailajadesh@gmail.com 

Shailaja has worked on restoration project of Ecological Society Pune. Currently working volantarily on a stream restoration project at Pune.

5. Ritu Sharma  (ritu.sh1@gmail.com)

Ritu works as  Assistant Manager with Mindteck (India) Pvt Ltd

6.  Mohammed Rafiq    (naturesmate@gmail.com)

Mohammed has been part of the effort on afforestation and  particpated in tree planting and  e-waste recycling.

7. Sujit Mazumder   (sm22078@gmail.com) 

Sujit is an animator by profession.  His short film on saving nature can viewed at


8.  Abhilasha Mathur   (abhilashamathur@gmail.com) 

Abhilasha is a senior Marketing Manager.at a Bank.

9.  Snehansu Bhusan Chatterjee   (snehansu_chatterjee@doglover.com)

Snehansu is a Marketing Manager (Technical)

10.  MAYUKH GHOSE       (mayukhghose@gmail.com)

Mayukh is a  Social Work Project Co-ordinator, voluntarily working with an NGO named JALPAIGURI AROHAN.    The NGO is  mainly focused on nature and wild life conservation.

11.  Vidya Balasubramanyam   (vidyafaps@yahoo.co.in)

Vidya is a student.

12. Dr. u.v.singh    (uvsingh@yahoo.com) 


13.  N Mariappan    (harudev2007@gmail.com) 

Mariappan is an  Assistant Professor in Forestry.  He has published a  book about "common Birds of Coimbatore" for school children. He has also started a nature club in his college.

14.  Anita Dake   (dhruvkanan@gmail.com)

Anita is a practising Archtect,  who has  developed interest to work on ecofriendly landscape designs and has been doing that. At present she is also trying to restore the degraded land on a hill next to her residence.  She is also active in organic farming.


1.  Avi Sabavala    (jodhpur58@yahoo.com)

Avi is a Management consultant who can identify local butterflies

2.  Rajendra Digambar Karnik     (karnikrajendra@yahoo.co.in)

Rajendra is a  Retired Govt. servant

3,  Chitra Ravi   (chitrabt12@gmail.com)

Chitra is a  Senior Research Fellow, ATREE, Bangalore

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