3D Photo exhibition online

Online photo exhibition

-Susan Sharma

In this digital age where “everyone is  a photographer”, we decided that the time is ripe for starting online photo exhibitions.    The 3D wall photoexhibition by members, is a new feature we have added.

What makes a good photograph? Great photos are easy to spot. We know them when we see them, but hard to pin down and define what exactly makes them great. For me a great photo has all the elements of a good photo and has the abilty to connect with the viewer instantly.   Composition, good light, aesthetics, expression, capturing a moment, etc have become so much easier to manage,  thanks to the era of digital cameras with loads of simple to use feaures.   But is the photograph telling a story?

See for yourself by looking at Rahul Lamba's exhibition.

Rahul Lamba  is a nature lover.  "Having used all 3 generations of cameras (Fully Manual, Analog & now Digital) Wildlife Photography was only a natural progression.  Love being in the outbacks and shooting anything that is wild, with a focus on lesser fauna of India (Odonata, Butterflies and other insects)."   For more of his photographs, visit

For high resolution images contact Rahul at

    Rahulsingh Lamba( 

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