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New Year

The year that was…

By Arefa Tehsin, Author of "Iora and the Quest of Five

The clouds have gone, rain has past

Summers were fun, its winter at last

It seems like just a blink of an eye

A year, a whole year has gone by


All that we earned, all that we spent

Didn’t come in as cheque, go out as rent

We earned some friends and happy days

We spent some colours to paint the greys


We lost dear ones, so dear were they

Gone like dew after morning ray

One day even the sun will be burnt

Was the year’s deepest lesson learnt


Oh, how easier things would be

If grief had feet and pain could flee

If past was just a jacket torn

And mended again to be worn


But life rushes past the evens and odds

Doesn’t stop for demons or Gods

May our anger be less, regrets few

If there is reflection, be that of the new


To sprout a seed a cloud must burst

A desert is needed to conquer thirst

We may find a ditch or a brook

It all depends on where we look


Wish you a bird at window every day

A song in the eyes, breeze on the way

Plenty of laughter, smiles and hope

For each new height, a handy rope


An island when the seas are bold

On evening walks a hand to hold

A warm coffee on a winter day

Strength to cry and strength to stray


Here’s to moments calendars can’t steal

Here’s to future we welcome with zeal

Here’s to the new year sailing to our shore

Here’s to the old one leaving with a roar

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