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The Birds Are Coming-an IWC outreach through EuroRSG in 2006

The Birds Are Coming-an IWC outreach through EuroRSG in 2006

-Susan Sharma

A group of executives in EuroRSG(an  advertising agency) came up with a novel idea.  An idea that targets the need to get the common man convinced and involved. An idea to promote field trips that ultimately help in promoting avian conservation efforts.   Naveen Theeng, who spearheaded the idea, approached us and we sent out a letter to IWC members in NCR area to participate in a unique car rally.    


"On January 7th 2006, volunteers will be starting out from Hauz Khas Village in their cars.  Each of the cars will have the car covers on with opening in the front and back to facilitate driving. On the side of the car covers will be printed the message: “THE BIRDS ARE COMING. See the annual winter migration at a sanctuary near you. Indian Wildlife”


"The cars will drive through South Delhi, touching Ansal Plaza, South Extension, Basant Lok (PVR Priya market) and finally ending at Hauz Khas Village."
This guerrilla activity is a totally voluntary effort. There are no sponsors. So unfortunately, all volunteers will have to buy their cars covers. Please let us know of your interest by filling in the response form and we will get the car cover printed at cost. 

The maximum cost on the covers should be around Rs. 500/- (or the price of a dinner for two).   On the club's internet site, we've added a micro site that will direct people to bird sanctuaries nearest to them. It will also give tips on how to get there, relevant information on the sanctuary, bird watching tips/techniques and other tools."


"We understand that this sort of activity has never before been done. Not in India . Not in Asia . Nor anywhere else in the world. But we can definitely show the way."

The idea was great and car covers got printed....Ten members signed up for the rally.   But the NDMC and Traffic Police put a break to the rally  citing danger to traffic on the road.  (This was long before "Meru" cars with ads splashed all over started plying the roads)
Finally they agreed to one car driving through the route.  And drive they did as the pictures show.  The efforts of EuroRSG got a mention at the Cannes Festival! 

I thought of pulling up this unique effort from our archives as it is as relevant today as it was then.


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