Did You Know ?

Did You Know..?

  • Largest Timber Library: The library at the Forest Research Institute at Dehra Dun has 9,627 Indian samples and 10,248 foreign samples.
  • Oldest botanical gardens: The National Botanical Gardens in Calcutta, originally called the Royal Botanical Gardens, were established in 1787 at Howrah in West Bengal, by the side of the Ganges. The gardens cover an area of 112 hectares, divided into 25 groups where 4500 species of plants and 30,000 trees are grown. The National Botanical Gardens are the second largest in the world.
  • Largest Leaf: The leaf of the water lily (Victoria amazonica) is the largest of all leaves. It measures 1.5 m in diameter. A six-year old can easily sit on it. The leaves can be seen at the Botanical Gardens in Calcutta.


    Correction in last month's 'Did you know?'

    The specific gravity of the lightest wood and the heaviest wood was mentioned as .12-.15 (the same) by mistake. The error was pointed out by one of our readers, Mr. Nagendra Krishnan. Thank you!

    Specific gravity of the lightest wood is 0.12-0.15 and of the heaviest wood is 1.25

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