The Parable of 2020

The Parable of 2020

Nature is not a bouquet of flowers

Left to wilt and die 

In a glass vase. 

Life is not a banknote

We give to a grocery store

And expect the change back.  

Twenty-twenty is not an itch 

To be wished away 

With a scratch. 

It is not a secret

We will take 

To our graves. 

We stand


By an infinitesimal microbe. 

By life

That has handed over 

A small change of our transgressions.

By nature 

That is a force 

A fragrance we can’t trap.

By twenty-twenty

That is not a year

But a parable. 

Will we see the moral of the story?

Wishing us all an enlightening 2021!

Arefa & Aditya
(Arefa Tehsin is a celebrated author and naturalist.  Aditya is a photographer.  They stay in Srilanka)

Click on the link below to see a video interview of Arefa Tehsin in New Delhi


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