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Ranthambore Adventure

By-Susan Sharma

Ranthambore Adventure by Deepak Dalal

Vikram and Aditya's adventures, "Ranthambore Adventure" is a book targeted at teenagers, I was told.  But when I started reading "Ranthambore Adventures", it was the most 'un-put-downable' book I had read in a long time.  One could travel through Ranthambore, through the visual writings of Deepak, reliving many wonderful experiences I had during my many visits there.

"When Aditya attempts to lay his hands on the diary of a ruthless tiger poacher, little does he know the events his actions will trigger. His ill-fated endeavour plunges Vikram and Aarti into a thrilling adventure that climaxes at the magnificent game park of Ranthambore.
‘Ranthambore Adventure’ also narrates the story of the tiger, Genghis. Brimming with tiger-lore, it traces the moments of Genghis’s life – from his birth as a fluffy, helpless ball of fur, to his emergence as a proud and powerful predator. But vicious, greedy humans infiltrate his kingdom, seeking his skin and his bones…

In Deepak's own words

"Animals and birds are doubtless the main draw of a forest, but there is more. No forest experience is complete without absorbing the peace and tranquility of a wilderness area. Imagine the absence of the rumble of traffic, of the bustle of humanity, of the drone of engines and motors that run our world. Take in instead the rustle of the wind through the trees, the call of birds and animals, and the serenity of a forest. Understand what primal human beings enjoyed and what cities and civilisation have robbed us of – the grandeur of nature."

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