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“ Eco-criticism and environmental literature can help us to pay attention to and understand the physical and social processes that are affecting the planet. I am not under the delusion that everyone is going to read this genre. But when a distinguished filmmaker is influenced by it and incorporates it into his film or a best-selling novel, the ripple effect will be enormous. The central part of the work is to make people live more sensibly. Fewer and fewer people in industrialized nations such as the U.K. , Germany , Italy , Australia , Japan , Taiwan and of course the U.S. , actually know where their food, fuel and building products (wood, steel and glass) come from. We participate- as producers sometimes, but mostly as consumers- in an increasingly global economy, which tends to mean that we depend on natural resources from throughout the world, although the products we consume are strangely removed from the landscapes and communities that produced them and the costs of production- often substantial costs in the form of ecological damage and social injustice- are hidden .”

Dr. Scott Slovic

Professor of Literature and Environment,

University of Nevada

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