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Answers to Quiz on Coral Reefs

Last month no one has given all right answers.

Right Answer to Coral Reefs

1.What is a coral?
  • A rock
  • An animal
  • A plant  

  • 2.Why are coral reefs important to humans?
  • they provide food
  • they may contain valuable medicines
  • Both are correct   

  • 3.What is a big threat to coral reefs?
  • global warming
  • hurricanes
  • Both are correct  

  • 4.Which of the following animals would you be likely to find in and near coral reefs?
  • sharks
  • octopus
  • both the above   

  • 5.Coral reef mining is done for...
  • Fishing
  • Road construction
  • Protein preparation  

  • 6.Where is the largest coral reef in the world located?
  • Off the coast of Andamans
  • Off the coast of Bali
  • Off te coast of Australia   

  • 7.Which of the following are harmful to coral reefs?
  • oil spills from boats
  • dynamite fishing
  • both the above  

  • 8.The main cause of coral reef bleaching is
  • fish eating the coral
  • rapid changes in water temperature
  • too many coral polyps  

  • 9.Riverborne silt topped by flyash from thermal plant caused deteriration in the coral reefs of
  • Gulf of Mannar
  • Hikkadaduwa and Bar Reef
  • Inhaca Island Marine Reserve  

  • 10.Rani Jhansi Marine National Park is situated in
  • Wandoor
  • Jamnagar
  • Andamans & Nicobar Island   

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