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Right Answers to Sea Turtles

This month and have given all right answers. Here are the correct answers

Right Answer to Sea Turtles

1.Which sea turtle species dives the deepest, travels the farthest and grows the largest?
  • loggerhead
  • leatherback turtle
  • green sea turtle  

  • 2.Almost all sea turtles are found in these regions of the world....
  • tropical & sub tropical waters
  • temperate & arctic waters
  • temperate & tropical waters.  

  • 3.While a female sea turtle is nesting, she appears to shed tears, but the turtle is really,……….
  • secreting extra salt from her body
  • secreting sweat from her body
  • secreting extra water from her body   

  • 4.Olive Ridley sea turtles eat………….
  • crabs & clams
  • fish & squid
  • all of the above  

  • 5.Olive Ridley turtles………..
  • nest two times each season
  • eggs incubate in 55 days
  • Both statements are true  

  • 6.Which of the following is not a human caused threat to sea turtle survival?
  • coastal armoring
  • beach front lighting
  • ghost crab predation   

  • 7.Leatherbacks nest in …….
  • Western coast of mainland India
  • Eastern coast of mainland India
  • Srilanka & Andamans & Nicobar   

  • 8.The only sea turtle that is strictly herbivorous as an adult
  • Loggerhead
  • Green sea turtle
  • Kemp`s ridley  

  • 9.This turtle feed almost exclusively on jellyfish and cannot distinguish between plastic bags and jelly fish
  • leatherback
  • flatback
  • Hawks bill  

  • 10.This turtle is primarily found in the open ocean as far north as Alaska. The only reptile known to remain active at temperatures below 40 degree F
  • hawks bill
  • flatback
  • leatherback  

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