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Right Answer to Quiz on Black Buck

This month, and have given all right answers.

Right Answer toQuiz on Black Buck

1.The black buck is a/an ………………………..
  • deer
  • antelope
  • cattle

  • 2.The basic difference between a deer and antelope is the way it sheds and re-grows its .............
  • horns
  • fur
  • tail

  • 3.Black bucks are found in
  • North India
  • South India
  • both

  • 4.Black bucks are native to
  • India
  • Africa
  • Mexico

  • 5.This antelope can outrun any animal over long distances
  • oryx
  • black buck
  • chiru

  • 6.The average life span of a black buck is……
  • 12 years
  • 22 years
  • 6 years

  • 7.This antelope found in India is related to the springbok and the gerenuk in Africa.
  • nilgai
  • chowsinghe
  • blackbuck

  • 8.This community in Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab fiercely protect the black buck.
  • Bishnois
  • Rajputs
  • Maldharis

  • 9.The monthly newsletter of this Society is called “ Black buck”. Which is this Society?
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Madras Naturalists Society
  • Bombay Natural History Society

  • 10.This National Park is designated to protect the black buck
  • Desert National Park, Rajasthan
  • Velavadar, Gujarat
  • Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

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