Volunteering at Bhimashankar Sanctuary for age 18 plus

Volunteers are invited for patrolling the forest in Bhimashankar Sanctuary. This is a joint program between Indian Wildlife Club and the Forest Department( Chief Conservator of Forests( Wildlife), Pune). Each volunteer is requested to contribute 1 week of their time for patrolling at Bhimashankar Sanctuary. 

Volunteers will stay with the Forest Guards in forest quarters. Two volunteers will stay with one Forest Guard. They will go for patrolling every day according to the regular schedule of the forest guards. Volunteers should be physically fit and capable of walking at least 15 km in the forest every day. Trekkers and nature lovers will enjoy the opportunity of staying and walking in the forest. This is a wonderful opportunity for youngsters and nature lovers to experience the forests so closely by living in wilderness, interact with field staff, cook their own food, observe the forest life and contribute meaningfully towards wildlife conservation. 

Batches allotted dates for patrolling in October and November, 2015.  Apply now to participate.

Bird Watching

An insight view of Indian Grey Hornbill breeding behaviour

An insight view of Indian Grey Hornbill breeding behaviour

Text and Pictures by Ajay Gadikar 
Ornithologist, Indore 

I had watched a natural hole on a Gulmohar tree which a hornbill pair had used for nesting purposes in last season. This time with the help of the forest department,  a CCTV camera, capable of zooming in and out was installed at 5 meters away from the nest to record its whole breeding cycle almost for a period of 3 months. 
A Movie called “UDAN” was made based on the important footages obtained from the 24X7 recording which was later inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

I will like to share briefly about the general breeding behavior of the IGH.

IGH nesting is very unique. When it is time to lay the eggs, the female hornbill enters the hole of the tree trunk and does not step out into daylight again, until it hatches the eggs and the babies are at least one and half month old, which means she remains in the nest cavity for 60 to 65 days.
The Female starts to seal the nest cavity once she enters inside. Only a narrow slit of size 3-4 cm by 7-8 cm remains open, from where the Male feeds the Female. The materials used to prepare the wall of the nest cavity are mud, fruit pulp and her own droppings.  The Female now solely depends on the Male for her diet. The Male fetches fig and berries from nearby trees and feeds the female, approximately once in an hour throughout the day. Most of the feeding took place early in the morning. The Male carries 5-8 berries and 1-2 insects in his mouth in one go and regurgitate them one by one into the female beak by clinging himself to the nest.

Once inside the nest, the female lays the eggs and incubates them. Soon the chicks come out of the egg. At the same time the female also undergoes complete moult, by shedding all her feathers.  This is a real vulnerable time for the family as the female bird cannot fly and cannot feed the chicks, the family is totally dependent on the male bird. If something happens to the male bird and if he dies, then the entire family can die due to starvation.  

During the nesting the male bird feeds the female and the chicks with a variety of fruits, and also small insects, grasshoppers, lizards etc. It travels long distances in search of food. The fruits are held in its throat and when it reaches the nest,  it regurgitates the fruit one by one from its pharynx to its beak and feeds. The female does not come out at all, except for putting its beak out.
When the chicks are sufficiently grown the female breaks open the nest and comes out and both feed the young ones.
These birds use the same tree and nest for  future breeding also and come back to same point in their next breeding cycle.

The camera study for complete 3 months of the Hornbill nesting was done first time ever and it proved many of the points which the scientists have written in their journals over the years.

(The above is an extract from the Research Paper submitted by the Citizen Scientist to IndianWildlifeClub.   Please read the full article at the link

Citizen Science

Eurasian Griffon Vulture

Eurasian Griffon Vulture
Text and Image : Bhautik R. Desai

          In December, 2014, I was invited at  Little Rann of  Kutch (LRK) for wild Ass census(Counting  of Population).  It was held by Gujarat Forest Department.   I was allotted a location on subzone Sammi,  Kodha Environmental  Education Center.
         On 21st December I was 15k.m distance from the allotted location   when I noticed some strange movements around.  It was 2 pm in the afternoon.  
        I saw a Eurasian Griffon Vulture on some dead animal.  Using my binoculars I could see that the dead animal was a wild ass.  I clicked a shot and shared it with forest officials and guards.  They confirmed that it was indeed a Griffon Vulture Juvenile  feeding on a wild ass.  It had never been recorded before to the best of my inquiries.  
(Bhautik R.Desai can be contacted at   +919724757907)


Herping Trail-Odisha

Herping Trail Odisha
Organized by PFA Angul on 12th and 13th September, 2015


Nature Photo exhibition Kolkata

Nature Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS) along with its collaborators ENVIRON Publications and Bee Books cordially invites to INHERITENCE- the 19th Annual Photo Exhibition of NEWS. 

NEWS and ENVIRON are devoted to creating a stronger bond between humanity and nature and in the last two decades, they have become an  established medium for nature enthusiasts both amateur and professionals in India and abroad  to showcase their skills in nature writing and wildlife photography. 

INHERITENCE is a true reflection of the core conviction of NEWS & ENVIRON- to inform, inspire, and engage humanity in becoming a significant force for defending the natural world through nature photography. 

Visit us at Central Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata  between 11 & 17 August and be a part of this celebration.


Kerala Veterinary Science Congress

The forthcoming 7th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress will be organized by Indian Veterinary Association, Kerala, in association with the Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Kerala on 14th and 15th of November 2015 at the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Pookode, Wayanad campus of Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University. The 2015 chapter of Kerala Veterinary Science Congress (KVSC-2015) will be an international edition staging an effective platform for interaction among academicians, researchers, practicing field veterinarians, wild life experts and policy makers from all across the globe.
The 7th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress is scheduled to have six technical sessions based on the special themes and relevance of veterinary profession in the current scenario. Each session will be led by thematic presentations by eminent speakers and scholars in relevant field.
The last date for online registration and submission of abstracts has been extended to 31st August 2015


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