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Posted by Pranab Jadon on December 17, 2022


Jammu and Kashmir are the union territory in North India. The places of Kashmir offers gorgeous beauty of nature to the tourists. You will find green valleys, lakes, high mountains and pleasant climate here. A perfect planning for trip is a must needed before visit to Kashmir. The guide to Kashmir tour will certainly be very helpful. There are many tour agencies that offer deals to visit places of Kashmir. You can get your Kashmir tour package by car with these agencies. Moreover, the deals of these firms are very comfy to use and reliable.

Srinagar, a heaven on earth

The places of Kashmir are known for their natural splendor. All the places of Kashmir offers superior beauty of nature. Srinagar is one of the most gorgeous city of Kashmir. It is also famously known as the heavenly place on earth. Srinagar lies in the Kashmir valley on the banks of Jhelum river. This city is also famous for gorgeous colourful Shikaras and boats floating on Dal lake. Moreover, this city has made its fame across the world for its dreamy Mughal gardens. The silk sunsets, gardens, lakes and breeze with soothe your soul.

Gulmarg, enjoy thrill sports

Gulmarg is famous for large spread of flowers against the snow covered mountain peaks. Therefore, Gulmarg is also known as Gulmarag and called meadows of flowers. It is also one of the most romantic places for tourists to visit in Kashmir. This town is at a height of around 2800 meters above the sea level. Gulmarg is a must visit place to explore the stands of the splendid pines. Moreover, you will certainly enjoy the highest Gondola cable car ride in this town. Many tourists also visit here to enjoy Ski sport.

Sonmarg, meadows of gold

Srinagar is a tiny town lies around 80 kms Northeast of Srinagar. It is at a height of approx 2800 meters above the ground. This scenic place is in the Ganderbal district of jammu and Kashmir. The Sonmarg and its valley is a connecting point of Amarnath peak and Kolhoi peak. This place is also popular for its pretty lakes, stunning glaciers and snow covered mountains. You will certainly enjoy the lakes, high peaks and glaciers at one place. Moreover, this town also offers sports like Trekking, Hiking, snow fighting and sledging.

Pulwama, rice bowl of Kashmir

Pulwama is at a distance of approx 40 kms away from Srinagar. It is also famous for its rice production. Therefore, it is known as the rice bowl of Kashmir. Moreover, this district is famous for production of saffron all over the world. You will witness scent of saffron fields, scenic apple orchards and pleasant weather here. It is also a place with verdant valleys, superb waterfalls and natural springs. This place has also largest production of milk in the union territory. Moreover, the town offers sports like Trekking, Hiking and Skiing in seasons.

Anantnag, lush gardens

Anantnag is in the southern sector of Jhelum valley. This town is at a distance of approx 50 kms from Srinagar. The town offers fresh water springs, gushing streams and breathtaking lush gardens. It is also a place of pleasant climate, mountains fragrant flowers and tasty fruits. Anantnag is one of the most serene places to visit in Kashmir. You will also find meeting point of streams namely Brengi, Sandran and Arapath here. Moreover, there are a number of holy places such as Sun temple and Dawood Masjid.

Yusmarg, meadows of Jesus

Yusmarg is at a short drive outside Srinagar main town. The beauty of this town has earned its title as the meadows of Jesus. You will also find long stretches of vast green pastures across the horizon. Therefore, it is also a little heaven of its own. This town is certainly one of the must visit places for weekend getaways. Moreover, you will witness highest peaks of Pir Panjal range such as Sunset point. There are also some Hindu shrines and temples can be found.

Kupwara, witness the wildlife

Kupwara is a town in Kupwara district in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is at a height of around 1500 meters above the ground. The town offers dense trees, rough hills, deep valleys, meadows, streams and serene lakes. Kupwara town covers an area of around 2700 square kms. Therefore, it is also popularly known for its vast wildlife. This town lies at a distance of around 80 kms from Srinagar. Moreover, the town offers gorgeous views of mountain ranges such as Bulbeer and Feshiltong.

Kashmir offers many places and towns to witness the beauty of nature. A week trip will certainly not be enough to visit all the places of Kashmir. Therefore, you must plan your tour to visit enough places in a trip. A proper guide to Kashmir tour will be very helpful for the trip. These above voiced are the top popular places of Kashmir. You will find green valleys, pleasant climate, colourful gardens, sun kissed peaks here. Moreover, the places of Kashmir offers many sports such as Hiking, Trekking, Skiing and Camping.

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