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India is the home of rare plants and animals that perform in wildlife sanctuaries, making it a haven for environmentalists and admirers of wildlife. There are 103 National Parks and more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India.

India is a country with a wide variety of plants and animals. There are 8 few hamlets in the country where seeing elephants, leopards, jackals, and foxes is not unusual. People who enjoy the outdoors will love this country. You must bring your kids to the local wildlife sanctuaries if you want them to see Asiatic lions, Royal Bengal tigers, panthers, and one-horned rhinoceroses in their native habitat. Since you may also explore the adjacent cities, you might organise a road trip to these animal sanctuaries. So let's examine the well-known wildlife reserves in India.

The one-horned rhinoceros, regal Bengal tiger, snow leopard, Asiatic lion, and many other rare and unusual animal species can be found in India's numerous wildlife reserves. The top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in India are listed

8 Best wildlife sanctuaries in India

·        Ranthambore National Park

·        Kaziranga National Park

·        Kanha National Park

·        Sariska National Park

·        Gir National Park

·        Sundarbans National Park

·        Bandhavgarh National Park

·        Pench National Park

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Ranthambore National Park


Ranthambore National Park is at the top of the list of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries in India. This wildlife sanctuary in India is close to the Rajasthani town of Sawai Madhopur and was once a hunting area for Rajputana nobility. Royal Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, Nilgai, wild boar, sambar, striped hyenas, sloth bears, mugger crocodiles, and chital are now found in the wildlife reserve.

·        Distance from Jaipur: 190 km

·        Best time to travel: November to February

·        Nearby destinations to visit: Trinetra Ganesh Temple, Ranthambore Fort, Jogi Mahal, Hammir Palace,

·        Things to do: Jungle safari

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Kaziranga National Park

In the state of Assam in northeastern India, there is a protected area called Kaziranga National Park. Tigers, elephants, and the biggest population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses in the world call the woods, swamps, and grasslands of the Brahmaputra River floodplain home. Dolphins from the Ganges River swim in the park's waters. Numerous uncommon migrating species stop by, and grey pelicans roost close to Kaziranga settlement.

Distance from Gauhati: 193 km

Best time to travel: November to February

Nearby destinations to visit: Gauhati, Shillong

Things to do: Elephant safari, jeep safari, bird watching, visit Kakochang waterfall, tea estate tour, etc.

Kanha National Park


In the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India, there is a sizable area of grassland and woodland known as Kanha National Park, also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve. In Kanha Meadows, one can see tigers, jackals, and wild pigs. Birds of prey reside on the Bamhnidadar plateau's steep terrain. Animals frequently congregate at Sondar Tank and Babathenga Tank's watering holes. The Kanha Museum in the park contains descriptions of the flora and fauna.

·        Distance from Jabalpur: 129 km

·        Best time to travel: December to February

·        Nearby destinations to visit: Kanha Museum, Kawardha Palace, Mandla, Amarkantak, Jabalpur, etc.

·        Things to do: Wild safari, Elephant safari, Night safari, Trekking, Nature walk, etc.

Sariska National Park

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a national park where you will find a perfect intermingling of nature. It contains mountains, grasslands, dry deciduous forests and cliffs which span over 800 square kilometres. Situated in Alwar, the Tiger Reserve is nestled in the lap of Aravali hills. Currently home to numerous animals apart from tigers, the reserve showcases nature in its best form. Animals like jungle cats, rhesus macaque, sambhar, chital, wild boar, etc., are found here. Not only animals, you get to see a number of bird species, such as sand grouse, harbor quails, crested serpent eagles, etc. here as well. If you are planning a visit, here’s what you can do when you are here

·        Distance from Alwar: 41.6 km

·        Best time to travel: October to February

·        Nearby destinations to visit: The Sariska Palace, Siliserh Lake, Bhangarh Fort, Kesroli Hill Fort. etc.

·        Things to do: Spotting wild animals, bird watching, trekking, etc.

Gir National Park

The Park welcomes visitors from all around the world who are interested in wildlife, birds, thrills, and the great outdoors. The most enjoyable activity for a visitor is to go on a fantastic lion safari in Gir National Park and go around to look for wild animals amid the alluring nature. The splendour and adventures of Gir National Park would be the one to remember for a lifetime if you were planning a vacation to Gujarat.

·        Distance from Junagadh: 75km

·        Best time to travel: November to March

·        Nearby destinations to visit: Junagadh, Gir National Park, etc.

·        Things to do: Open jeep safari


Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National Park is one of the most fascinating and well-known destinations for tourists interested in wildlife. With a total area of more than 10,000 kilometres, it is the world's largest mangrove forest. These forests are situated in the delta of the Bay of Bengal, bordering Bangladesh and India. The renowned and beautiful Royal Bengal Tiger calls this place home. However, there is also a sizable population of numerous snake species and crocodiles in this area.

Distance from Kolkata: 97.8 km

Best time to travel: December to February

Nearby destinations to visit: Kolkata, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Netidhopani, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Things to do: Bird watching, Canopy walk, etc.


Bandhavgarh National Park

The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is home to Bandhavgarh National Park. This park is one of the top national parks in India for viewing Asian tigers. This park covers around 448 km2. Formerly the Maharaja of Rewa's hunting refuge, Bandhavgarh National Park is now a well-known natural hotspot for White Tigers. The first White Tigers were found in Rewa, and they are now a popular exhibit in zoos all over the world.

·        Distance from Jabalpur: 166 km

·        Best time to travel: November to February

·        Nearby destinations to visit: Jabalpur, Amarkantak, Kanha National Park, etc.

·        Things to do: Open jeep safari

Pench National Park

One of India's top tiger reserves, Pench Tiger Reserve or Pench National Park, is the first to span two states, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Typically, when Pench is mentioned, the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh is meant. It gets its name from the Pench River, which divides the park into about equal western and eastern half, the well-forested regions of Seoni and Chhindwara districts, from north to south.

Distance from Chhindwara: 79km

Best time to travel: October to June

Nearby destinations to visit: Chhindwara, Pench National Park, etc.

Things to do: Open jeep safari

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