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Posted by Susan Sharma on April 08, 2019



To all IWC members,

Here is a wonderful opportunity to earn a Naturalist certificate from the Forest Department!! 

"Melghat is the 4th largest tiger reserve in the country in terms of area and the 1st tiger reserve of the state of Maharashtra. Unlike others, Melghat has a few unique offerings for the people who care for the nature and wildlife.

Be A Naturalist is one such programme. The aim is to create awareness and understanding about some core wildlife issues including management and administration of a park which is a tiger reserve. The participants get the opportunity to directly interact with experts and top officials and learn by doing what regular forest staff does or is done only by select few from the outside world.

The programme offers field work and in house sessions mixed with fun and adventure like camera trapping, learning sign surveys, intricacies of patrolling, mapping, first aid along with the wild side which includes safaris and treks in the tiger land.

The programme is conducted by the forest department and a certificate is issued to the participants after successful completion of the course."

Read more at our link

Apply soon as only limited seats are available

 See the beauty of Melghat forts in this short film


Dr.Susan Sharma


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