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Posted by aditya on May 06, 2006


Peb fort near Matheran is a treat for bird watcher and herpetologist. I  visited  this fort  last Sunday. It was a very harsh treck due to summer heat. On peb fort there were many caves some of them are natural and some of them are man made. in these caves there were many gekos such as

1]Rock geko : Hemidactlylus maculatus.

 2]Ground geko: Gekoella sp.

3] Bark geko:hemidactlyus leschenaltii. 

We also get some snake Species such as

1] rat snake

2] Indian krait: in cave

3] Indian cobra:

At the base of fort a lot of bird species listed there. I watched 42 species in single treck. special achievement of treck is locating two nests of crested serpent eagle. it was an amazing treck. for more details e mail me on


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