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Posted by Susan Sharma on June 25, 2024


Hey Insect Lover!

Are you a photographer constantly snapping shots of insects but struggling to identify them? A teacher eager to guide students on nature trails but stumped by the bugs you encounter? A student interested in an insect project but unsure where to begin? Or perhaps an environmental educator who needs to stay updated on natural history, yet finds insects baffling? Whatever your role, our six-week long hybrid course is designed to help you conquer these challenges. Join India's pioneering hybrid crash course on insects, combining day trips, field camps, and online assignments for a comprehensive learning experience.

Duration: 15 July - 15 October 2024

Course Fee: Rs. 5000/-  Early Bird Offer: Rs. 4500/-  

This course will give you

  1. Insect Group Identification Skills
  2. Understand the role of insects in city ecosystem
  3. Adaptations which are habitat specific
  4. Learning about habitat creation for insects
  5. Develop writing and analytical skills by online referencing for scientific papers
  6. Understanding of ecology through project work

To Enroll, click on the link below

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Susan Sharma says

June 26, 2024 at 10:06 AM

To enrol you can click on the headline
Bugs for Beginners

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