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Posted by Lakecity Handicrafts on June 08, 2020


For many years, bone has been utilized as a highlight to furniture to include a glowing, magnificent completion. From customary Islamic or Indian themes to increasingly geometric Art Deco structures, the specialty of bone trim adds a lavish quality to your home stylistic layout without being too absurd. We kinda love over the top, so our preferred pieces extend from inconspicuous tonal florals to strong hues and plans. 


Each piece in our showroom has been capably carefully assembled by capable craftsmen. Each bit of wood has been painstakingly molded, each bit of marble finely cut, and each bit of metal expertly pounded. Our trimmed pieces can accept a long time to finish as the bits of bone and pearl are separately cut and fit. Every individual from our assembling group has idealized their methods during that time and invests wholeheartedly in their work. The outcome is a genuine stand-out piece as no two pieces are indistinguishable. If you don't mind looking through this exhibition to see our group busy working. 


This Scroll Vine bone Inlay Buffet includes an allover foliate theme and iron pulls. Two drawers sit on swinging doors, which have an attractive and butterfly conclusion. One inside a rack. 


Hand-cut furniture will show minor blemishes and fine splits. These conditions are innate in every carefully assembled thing. 


*Dimensions are adjusted and are for reference as it were. Hand-cut furniture will show minor defects and fine splits. These conditions are innate in all hand-made things. 


Bone Inlay is the ageless gem in your furniture and extras assortment. This wonderful bone decorates furniture is one of a kind speculation piece to be cherished for a considerable length of time to come. The stunning blend of tar and bone has everlasting intrigue and makes a casual bohemian style in your home.

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