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Posted by camila on June 24, 2020


You can't get readers attention without writing a good introduction in your blog post. Here are ways will help you to write a perfect blog introduction in blog post.


1. Ask Question. You can catch your reader's attention with a question. You may ask a question that directs to reader's  problems. It is a good way to grab readers attention to your post. You can do this to read other writer's blog posts to analyze how they write their introduction. It is the best way to hook your readers attention to your post. Students also focus on introduction to  best essay writing service UK to write their introduction 


2. Punchy Sentences: Start your introduction with a punchy sentence. It is a powerful to hook your attention to your post. You may get more ideas on this method on enchantingmarketing  blog. It is Hennek's personal blog. She writes on content writing skills & improvements. It is the best content writing blog for new & experienced writers.


3. Readers’ Problem: You must identify your reader's problems in introduction. Readers read blog posts to solve their problems. If you focus on reader's problems in your introduction you may successfully grab the attention of  a reader. It is a good way to persuade your reader to entire blog post. 


4. Promise: When you identify reader's problem than give a promise to solution what may they get. You can use sentences like I will show you how, It's possible . These are ways to get attention of your reader towards your blog post. 


5. Begin With a Quote: Write a quote in introduction is good to start your blog post introduction. It inspire readers to reader your whole post. The popular writers,bloggers use this method to grab the attention towards their blog post




Whether you are new writer or experience you may improve your introduction with these 5 ways. 

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