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Posted by Susan Sharma on September 09, 2005

Many large scale projects with potential impact on large populations are still designed with little scrutiny, if not secrecy. Here is how Gujarat has adverised its linking plans. 1. Major river Narmada being linked with other rivers in the state. 2.Surplus water being moved to deficit areas by linking two holy rivers, Narrmada and Saraswati. 3.Water of Narmada to travel a distance of 414 kms to recharge Saraswati. 4. Revival of holy River Saraswati at Siddhpur, Matrugaya 5. Matrugaya is known for Matru Shraddh as is Prayag for Pitru Shradh 6. Restoring the religious and historical importance of Siddhipur-Matru-Gaya-Titrth. Jalabhishek was performed on 8th Sep 2005, to mark the great confluence of holy rivers Saraswati-Narmada Mahasangam.
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