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Posted by Susan Sharma on October 23, 2005


Deliberations in a workshop on "Interlinking of Rivers: Doable and Desirable?" organized by the West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology. The main points are as follows:

  • It was recognized that the parameters to determine water surplus and water scarce areas are contentious issues and the relevant data and details are not available in public domain
  •  The execution of this Mega Project requires consensus with the neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and China 
  •  Any withdrawal of water at Upper catchments deplete water resources downstream and changes river dynamics and parameters of his flood and delta plain 
  •  The transfer of water from other basins even if doable, is unlikely to ameliorate the drought prone regions of the country for which local and regional watershed development and rain and surface water harvesting need to be practiced 
  •  An assessment of present and optimal use is necessary within donor basis after ensuring that other cost effective alternatives for augmentation of water resources in receiving basins have been implemented and requirement of water scientifically assessed so that such transfers are minimal and within say or similar agro-climatic zones.

Prof. Sisir K.Sen, Kolkatta

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